Pete's boss, Kevin
The selanjutnya morning, Hawkeye, and Gordon went to the station early, to hear lebih of Pete's story.

Pete: Alright, where was I? Oh yesh. It was 1935, five days before Hearts and Hooves day, when my boss told wanted me to do something no engineer could do before.

February 9, 1935

Pete: Uh, Kevin? I mean sir? What is my consist for today?
Kevin: anda are to get a train that is 90,000 pounds worth of oil up Sherman Hill, with a 9000 class engine.
Pete: Sir, the rails are slippery. I can't get a 90,000 pound train up there.
Kevin: Yeah, well some ponies berkata I couldn't wear sunglasses during a snowstorm, but here I am.
Pete: Why are anda wearing sunglas-
Kevin: Don't anda pertanyaan me! I have a horn, and wings!!
Pete: Yeah, I can see that. *goes to servicing facility*

As I got to the facility, I had to look for No. 9011. That was the engine I would use to get my train up the hill, but it wasn't there.

During the mid thirties, when Percy was a colt, his father worked on the line. Percy wouldn't start working for the Union Pacific until 1943, while Jeff started in '45.

Hawkeye: What was Percy's dad's name?
Pete: It was Danny, but he liked being called Dan. If anda called him Danny, he would be very mad. He has, tourettes.

Pete: Mornin' Danny.
Dan: Faggot!
Pete: Great to see anda too.
Dan: I'd like to see anda walk a mile, in my shit!
Pete: I'd definetely like to do that.
U.P engineer: *brings engine to servicing facility*
Pete: *sees number* 9011. That's my locomotive.
Dan: *servicing engine* Tonight, on unsolved mysteries! Find out who gives a shit about Bigfoot!
Pete: *rolls eyes*
Dan: UPDATE!! Apparently no one gives a shit about him, so fuck it. *oils drive rods*
Pete: anda know a lot
Dan: UPDATE!! Last night, somepony mencuri $50 from my home. It was either Pete Reimer, atau Princess Luna!
Pete: She's in the moon, and doesn't come back for another 80 years atau so!
Dan: Fuck you! Drive your engine, it's finished.

So I did. After dealing with the "Tourettes pony" I went to the yard to pick up my train. It was sixty tank cars, and a caboose.

Pete: *couples engine to train*
U.P. Conductor: *doing hoof signals*
Pete: He wants me to put the brakes on *does hoof signal, and puts on brakes*
Kevin: *climbs into cab*
Pete: Sir, what are anda doing?
Kevin: I'm going to create history. I found out you're going to be the very first engineer to get a 90,000 pound train up Sherman hill.
Pete: Yeah I wonder why.
Kevin: The signal is green. Time to go.
Pete: Yup. Here we go *blows whistle*

The rails were slippery, but we didn't have any wheel spin when we left the yard. However, I was a little worried for when we would get to Sherman Hill

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