Con woke up to find himself in a warehouse. He was tied to a chair, and Der cheif was with 15 of his goons.

Con: What do anda want?
Der Cheif: The money anda mencuri from me!
Con: It's not stealing if anda win the money.
Goon 5: *hits Con*
Der Cheif: Ok listen. We can't get the money out of your car, so anda gotta use your unicorn magic to fix the car, and get the money out for us.
Con: Sure.
Der Cheif: Bring the car in!
Goon 12: *backs tow truck up with Con's car behind it*
Der Cheif: Such a shame that we had to destroy a luxorious car. Then again, no one makes another person crash a Coltillac into a tree.
Con: Sorry for your loss.
Der Cheif: Just fix the car.

Con's horn lit up, but he wasn't going to fix the car just yet. He used his magic to make half of the goon's guns shoot toward Der Cheif.

Der Cheif: What are anda doing?!
7 goons: It's not us! *shoots Der Cheif*
other 8 goons: It's probably him! *points at Con*
Con: *kills all goons*

After killing all the goons Frank arrived with 20 more.

Frank: What is this?!
Con: A sabotage *shoots all guns*
Frank: Run away!! *runs off*

Frank then took off in a Dodge Kodachrome with two Lunicorns following. Con then fixed his car, but could not chase down the others. Instead he took the money back to Canterlot.

P: One of M.I.3's spies told us that anda killed Der Cheif, and 15 others.
Con: And who was that?
P: I'm not telling you. What I can tell anda is that we do not want anda in our organization anymore.
Guard 1: Follow us.
Con: *follows to elevator*
Guard 2: Your gun please
Con: Sure *kills two guards*

When Con left C.I.E headquarters a beat up Fillys pulled up. Fenix Lighter was driving the car.

Fenix: Get in.
Con: Nice car Fenix.
Fenix: Only one available. anda going after Frank?
Con: Yeah. You?
Fenix: No, but someone else from M.I.3 is. She'll meet anda at Stalliongrad.
Con: And that's where your taking me?
Fenix: Yes. Now get in.
Con: *gets in*
Fenix: *drives away*
Fenix Lighter