It was a beautiful, sunny hari in Ponyville, and Nikki had decided to invite all her friends to a picnic. She called up her friend Azura, to invite her.........

Azura: Hello, this is Azura Alor speaking.
Nikki: Howdy Azura, it's me Nikki.
Azura: Oh, hey Nikki.
Nikki: So ah was wondering, would anda like to go-
Azura: To the Everfree forest?!?!
Nikki: No
Azura: go climb up a big mountain?!?!?
Nikki: no
Azura: To go on a adventure?!?!?
Nikki: uhhhh go on a picnic
Azura: oh....ummm okay.
Nikki: Great then! See anda at 12:00!

And so Nikki called all her friends, Stormy sky, Cotton Swirls and Score Height.
(At the picnic)

Score Height: Wow! It sure is sunny out here!
Stormy Sky: (bites on sadwitch) Eeyup.
Cotton Swirls: Mhm
Score Height: So, what do anda guys wanna do next?
Azura: Why don't we-
All: NOOOOO!!!!
Stormy Sky: We're not gonna climb On a huge mountain!
Cotton Swirls: Yea! Remember last time?
All: *shivers*
Azura: Well, what should we do?
Score Height: How about we play video games?
Stormy Sky: No, it's not healthy playing video games all the time
Score Height: Are anda bringing up a fight?!
Azura: Uh-Oh....
Stormy Sky: Y'know what? I think I am!
Cotton Swirls: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Score Height: Bring it on then!
(Stormy Sky and Cotton Swirls and Score Height)
Azura: What are we going to do Nikki?
Nikki: *facehoof* UGH!
Azura: I don't like it when people makes me cry...
Nikki: Guys!! Stop Fighting!
Cotton Swirls: anda stay out of this cowgirl!
Nikki: Grrrrrr.....mah name is NIKKI!!!
Score Height: Oh yea?!?!
Nikki: YEAH!!!!
Azura: Guys.....
All: WHAT?!?!
Azura: I think anda all would like to look up.
All: huh? (Looks up)
Stormy Sky: I-I-Is it raining....
Score Height: ......Chocolate....
Cotton Swirls: What the Hay?! Why is it raining cokelat milk?!!
Azura: I-I don't know....
Cotton Swirls: maybe it's....NO! It can't be....
Score Height: what can't be Cotton Swirls?
Cotton Swirls: uhhh nothing....

To be continued......