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posted by epicskyrimfan56
i walk over to the mirror in the room. i stare at it. i see a light gray pony with brown hair in the mirror. i slowly pindah my hand and discover that me. i scream at the puncak, atas of my lounges. then a yellow pony with berwarna merah muda, merah muda hair enters the room. she asks in a frantic but suprisingly soft tone " oh goodness are anda allright?" i respond as would anyone would and scream more. eventually she calms me down and explains who she is and everything. " so let me get this straight. anda found me in the middle of a forest passed out and im in a world of talking ponies?" she says " uhm yes..." i think to myself that im in my show. and that i should find twilight sparkle. the pony introduces herself as fluttershy. shes a verry kind pony. she then brings me to town and introduces me to everypony. we all sit down and discuss what happened. we form a plan....
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