film And now which actress should get the Oscar for the best leading actress this year? add in the komentar the other 4 who should be nominee

Pick one:
Natalie Portman - the other boleyn girl
Angelina Jolie - changeling
Kate Winslet - the reader
Anne Hathaway - rachel getting married
Cate Blanchett - the curious case of benjamin button
Meryl Streep - doubt
Kate Winslet - revolutionary road
Kristin Scott Thomas - il y a longtemps que je t'aime (I loved anda so long)
Michelle Williams - wendy and lucy
Keira Knightley - the duchess
Anyone BUT a teen star/ such pantat, keledai miley cyrus
Anyone BUT a teen star/such pantat, keledai miley cyrus
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Keira Knightley - the edge of cinta
Sienna Miller - the edge of cinta
Rachel McAdams - The Lucky Ones
Kate Beckinsale - Nothing but the truth
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