Superman's one of the most populer superheroes ever made. Because of his popularity he has had eight live action films. Justice League is excluded, because superman doesn't have a big enough role in that film for it to count.

8. superman and the tahi lalat Man

Although the first Christopher Reeve superman is considered to be the first superman this obscure film from the 1950s is Superman's first film. The film has George Reeves as superman who also played superman in a live action TV show. The film was made during a time period where it was really hard to make good superhero films so this film lacks the great menulis that modern superhero films have. Despite that the film isn't bad. George Reeves did a pretty good job as superman and the plot is moderately interesting. secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan it's a decent superman film and it's very impressive that a superman film was made that early.

7. Superman: The Movie

This is a very important, iconic, and well made film when it comes to akting and visuals. Marlon Brando's akting is fantastic and Gene Hackman is very funny as Lex Luthor. The problem with the film is the plot. The plot focuses too much on Superman's origin. The first jam and a half is mostly just about introducing Superman. Also superman is a little too one dimensionally kind. Despite having a plot that I have mixed feelings on Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman's scenes as well as the amazing effects and musik make this film special.

6. superman Returns

superman Returns got lots of mixed reviews from fans, but I like the film. The film has two major storylines: One of the stories is about superman returning to Earth and reuniting with Lois Lane who is with a different guy and has a son. The other story is about Lex Luthor working on a dangerous plan that could destroy tons of people. superman and Lois Lane's storyline isn't that interesting, but the scenes that have Lex Luthor are really well done and entertaining. The visuals in the film are quite good.

5. superman 4: The Quest For Peace

Despite being the most hated superman film I think this film is good. Although the film doesn't fully work, because of scenes that got cut the film is entertaining. Superman's attempt to stop war is emotional. Also Lex Luthor has another fun scheme which involves a new villain: Nuclear Man. Nuclear Man has lots of corny charm so his fight scenes with superman are a treat.

4. superman 2

superman 2 is better than the first Christopher Reeve film, because it has a better plot. The film is about superman saving the world from General Zod who is involved with Lex Luthor. General Zod is a cool villain and Gene Hackman has several hilarious moments as Lex Luthor. It works well for both exciting and corny charms.

3. superman 3

superman 3 is a comedy film which is why this film is so much fun. The film focuses on a smart, but greedy guy named Gus who works for the film's villain: Ross Webster. The film has several antic filled scenes which critics hated. I really like how eccentric and goofy this film is. Christopher Reeve actually gets some funny scenes as superman and Richard Pryor's childish character is really entertaining. Ross Webster is a good comedic villain and Lorelei Ambrosia is basically Harley Quinn.

2. Man of Steel

Man of Steel got lots of mixed reviews, but I think this film is great. The film deals with Superman's origin, but there's lebih than that in the film. The film has a well written and epic storyline about General Zod trying to get of Earth for Krypton. Superman's a less wholesome character in this film, but his edgy qualities make him a lebih interesting superhero. Michael Shannon did a awesome job as General Zod. Zod is a oddly sympathetic and very entertaining villain. Also the action scenes are amazing and tons of fun.

1. batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

This film has the honor of having DC's two most populer superheroes. The film has some weird moments, but it has brilliant comparisons between batman and Lex Luthor who have the same goal in the film despite having different morals. batman acts like a cartoonish villain instead of a serious superhero which adds lots of entertainment to the film. Henry Cavill is the best superman actor. The biggest scene stealer is Jesse Eisenberg who's delightfully energetic and goofy as Lex Luthor. Also the visuals are incredible.