The Secret Life of Pets is a 2016 animated film that was made oleh the people that made Despicable Me. The film stars Louis C. K., Jenny Slate, Kevin Hart, and Albert Brooks.

The Plot:

Max is a dog who had a happy life with his owner Katie until Katie gets a detik pet named Duke. Max and Duke start off as rivals who get lost from home, but eventually team up and try to get home. Gidget, a dog that has a crush on Max tries to find Max and a villainous bunny named Snowball is after Max.

The main plot of Max and Duke is okay, but Gidget's scenes are what make the film good. The subplot of Gidget is the film's best storyline and has the film's best scenes. The film combines cute stuff and comedy pretty well.

The Characters:

Max is pretty cool and well voiced oleh Louis C. K. and Duke is eh, but okay. Gidget is my favorit character. Gidget is adorable and makes the film better. Gidget is really well voiced oleh the very funny Jenny Slate. Snowball is my least favorit character. Kevin Hart is a decent actor, but he was annoying as Snowball. Snowball's a weak villain and his constant screaming is annoying. Pops and Chloe are amusing supporting characters. Tiberius is cool and goodly played oleh Albert Brooks.

The Animation:

The film looks good. All of the characters look pretty good. Gidget's desain is adorable. Not the best animation, but the animasi is good.

The Overall:

This film is good. It's not a masterpiece, but it's a fun and cute film. I'm looking meneruskan, ke depan to the sequel which should have a better villain than Snowball.