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Did anda know that there is a new monster arriving at monster high this week?! Well....I can confirm......there is! Her name is Madison beruang and she is a loveable , huggable , kissable beruang who has just entered the Monster High doors. When I exclusively interviewed her for the official monster high magazine (uk) she revealed "I am totes nervous about arriving at monster high , I've heard how cool it is but I've know idea about the schools profil atau anything so it's basically new to me!" And when we asked her if she's made any friends at monster high yet she berkata "yes, I actually started hanging out with Rochelle Goyle which was amazing , and I just cinta lagoona blue as she's extremely lovely , but if I had to choose between the two I'd probably choose lagoona!"
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Age: 1799

Parents: The vampires

Killer style: wait.. wait... my what?

Freaky flaw: Apparently my so called 'flirting' is annoying. As if.

favorit color: a nice dark blue

favorit food: I haven't diberikan this any thought, but I guess meat.

Pet peeve: Childen. Especially little normie childen, its just not a good combination between me and them.

favorit activity: Romancing the pretty ones.

Pet: My kalajengking Spike, silent but deadly much like love.

BFFs: Heath Burns,Deuce Gorgon, Baxter Haunts, and Spectra Vondergeist.

Rivals: None...... yet

Romance: Being tied down? Like that's gonna happen.
Clawtina walked the dark aisles at Monster High. Monster High was decorated in pink, white and black streamer, jantung balloons and couples hand in hand. It was here hat time of tahun again. Valentines Day.
Every ghoul had there own soulmate except Clawtina.

"Hi Clawtina did anda know that there is a Valentines hari Ball"? Draculaura berkata happily.
"Yes I did know".
"Who are anda going with".
"Well no one I guess".
"ok". Draculaura berkata sadly.

"Hey Clawd".
Draculaura yelled out. "I gotta fly".
"See ya". I proclaimed.
Clawtina opened her locker and out fell a bunch of mawar and a note: Meet me at the gym. Xoxo...
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