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November99 posted on May 08, 2011 at 03:55PM
Name: Kalliope Moirae
Age: 18
Monster Parent: Atropos
Killer Style: I never go anywhere without my black glasses and scissors!
Freaky Flaw: I'm completely blind without my glasses.
Pet: Morta, my pet lamb. Mom doesn't like her much, but I adore her.
Favorite Activity: getting crafty with scissors
Biggest Pet Peeve: when people assume they can get me to change the future. As if I'm in charge of that!
Favorite School Subject Subject: Arts & Crafts, need I say why?
Least Favorite School Subject: Dead Languages: why would I need to know them if they're dead?
Favorite Color: Gold and that olivy green color.
Favorite Food: ambrosia salad, it's delicious!

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu mimikayuko said…
Name: Xandra Darkshadow

Age: Unknown she looks like shes new there so I say 16

Monster Parent: Her parent is a wolf but she isnt related to clawdeen

Killer style: 1800 gothic style, Lolita dresses punk style. She wears a moon necklace to help calm her monster side.

Freaky Flaw: Howling at weird times

Pet: Cat, Russian Blue

Hobbies: Drawing, writing stories, soccer and fearsquad and drama club

Biggest Pet Peeve: Cleo de stupid Nile, being mean to her friends and other people at school and other places. But she is starting to think that Cleo is trying to change but then other times they dont get along.

Favorite school subject: Freakey Economics Fierce ,fashion xox ,Drama club ,and Fearsquad/Fearleaders.

Least Favorite school subject: Dead Languages (It's hard for her.)

Favorite colors: Black and Dark Purple

Favorite Foods: Ramen noodles, and cookies and booberries

Best friends: Clawdeen, Draculaura, Pranky(friends oc) Hellen(friends oc) and Dani (friends oc)

Xandra and Franky becomes friends in their second year
lebih dari setahun yang lalu kndluva said…
big smile
Name: Megalinda Zilla
Age: 15
Monster Parent: Godzilla
Killer Style: Her awesome aligator skin lined denim skirt, scale patterned lime green halter top, and knee length dark brown boots, with emeraald studded large gold hoop earings
Freaky Flaw: exstremely clumsy. What can say, she has a problem with destroying things
Pet: A hooded cobra.
Favorite Activity: Skulpting. Though most statues are dtroyed in the process, it's still fun.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Bugs. Especially moths.....
Favorite School Subject Subject: Gym. It's a good exscuse to run off some energy
Least Favorite School Subject: Study Maul. To much quiet and sit still-ness
Favorite Color: Neon colors
Favorite Food: Japaneese food. My dad introduced me to it
BFF's: Ghoulia, Lagoona, Draculaura
BF: Has a small crush on Heath
lebih dari setahun yang lalu vampire-_-girl said…
name: Alexandra scissorhands
age: 16
monster parent: edward scissorhands
killer style: i dont have my scissorhands all of the time. i have normal hands. but if i want my scissorhands. i can just pop them out. freaky right?
freaky flaw: i cut people or monsters when i least expect it.
pet: tiny panda
favorite activity: drawing. may may not skulpt like my dad but i can make some killer fab drawings.
biggest pet peeve: cheerleaders. they think they r sooo awesome.
favorite school subject: art/music
least favorite school subject: math/science -.________.-
favorite color: black/purple
favorite food: french fries
bff: ------- i am new to monster high so i dont have friends yet
lebih dari setahun yang lalu DuncansMyLuv14 said…
Name: Camielle Anderson
Age: Almost 17
Monster Parent: Unknown; she was abandoned at birth. All she knows is her mother was a siren.
Killer Style: An off-the-shoulder, purple, cheetah print mini dress with one long sleeve, purple hair I usually keep in a ponytail unless I'm swimming, partying or flirting, black gladiator heels and a choker with a big amethyst gem on it.
Freaky Flaw: I'm a siren, so I tend to use my hypnotic voice to get people to do things for me. Also, I'm kind of bi-polar; I'm sweet and shy at school, but my alter ego Amethyst is a flirty, crazy party girl who can't keep her hands off of hot guys or hot girls.
Pet: Oreo, the black and white bunny.
Favorite Activity: Partying and flirting with hot guys and hot girls.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Being reminded that she was an orphan and girls who reject her.
Favorite School Subject Subject: All performing arts classes.
Least Favorite School Subject: Dead Languages, and all math/science courses.
Favorite Color: Purple, purple and more purple!
Favorite Food: Undecided.
BBF's: Too shy to make friends at school, and too drunk when out partying to remember the friends I meet the next day.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu reaper11 said…
lebih dari setahun yang lalu aprilacne said…
Name:Keket Lacymorsa
Monster parent: Goddes of Death
Scription: Keket has a peach-ish skin tone, dark black hair up in a high ponytale but still down to her lower back, her white part of the eyes black with sorrow and her irises red with lonlieness. her voice sounds like a broken angel praying for love.Has a tatoo of two black stripes coiling up her armand across her backand down her other arm.

Personality:Keket has a strong, loving but deadly personality.She loves and cares for her friends and family but has a strong hate twards her enimmies.

Freaky flaw:My eyes.They are not 'normal' and my voice when I sing, it makes people drop like dead flies.

Killer style:My eletric blue headband that I use to hold my hair up also my dull dark green hoodie with ripped off sleeves on top of my black and bright green striped emo shirt basic faded black jeans. Did I mention my pentigon pendant?It's kinda like the out-line of a un colored star that has a circal around it.

Bigest Pet Pevee:On my first day Holt Hyde burnt my fave drawing that I made of a band called Skillet!I got so mad that my tattoos and eyes started to glow and I started to sing a song I made called Lies but then I noticed how scared he looked and I stoped.

Fave color:Dull dark violet.

Fave food:BloodIcies.Although they tast like cherrys or rasbarrys or strawberrys.

Pet:Gore, a black rat that has a line that goes down his eyes to his cheeks on both sides

Fave subject:Dramma!I love the dark depressing plays and assinments that we do. Eather that or Art.

Least Fave:Gym~~~~!I H-A-T-E I-T!This one boy that made Cleo say she was sorry looked at me in the eyes, THE EYES!It was so embaressing that I could just live!

Fave activity:Killing Rats in my attic or writing new songs.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu prim17luvr101 said…
Name: Lunata Venatione (Venatione means Hunting in Latin)
Nickname: Atty
Age: 16
Monster Parent: Artemis/Diana-Goddess of the Moon & Hunting
Killer Style: I rock black fishnet leggings and sleeves, a flow-y, silk dark purple dress, and black motorcycle boots. I always have my lucky bow and arrows and tranquilizer darts strapped around my shoulder.
Freaky Flaw: Whenever I’m under the moon I get these powers that are both good and bad like one time I accidently set Lagoona on fire with hands that could suddenly throw fireballs, causing her to dry out and have to be thrown into the school fountain. And then I tried to start a campfire and was successful. I gave Lagoona a roasted marshmallow and we made up.
Pet: Gibbous-Gibbs-my cute little fluffy ball of fluff that lights up like the moon. He comes in handy when it's dark.
Favorite Activity: Shooting my arrows at not expecting people and concocting the best ambrosia smoothie you've ever tasted! (I have to make them in order for the gods and demigods to stay immortal)
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who talk too much. I shoot them with a tranq dart just to get them to shut up!
Favorite School Subject: History. I love learning about ancient Greece and Greek mythology.
Least Favorite School Subject: Music History. Hearing Uncle Apollo drone on and on about the history of music makes me hate it.
Favorite Color: Black. It helps me blend in with the shadows.
Favorite Food: Ambrosia smoothie. I make the best one in all of Olympus!
BBFs: Everyone and no one.

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