monster high When Dreams Collide (MH RP)

RavenSparrow5 posted on Sep 26, 2013 at 12:20AM
So basically this RP is about two sides, Weast Wonderland (good) and West Wonderland (bad). Sadie and the Sailor Senshi are at war with Nessa and the Organization XIII. This RP is filled with fighting, side switching, good vs. evil, plot twists, romance, and most of all having an epic dream which you may not want to wake up from. Monster characters dream as if they are some character from something but some rare ones do not. No one knows it's a dream yet it is and everything is set in a fantasy world with areas taken from books or video games which the characters believe are real (in the Dream anyway). Dying means waking up but when falling back asleep your character ends up at one of the four or five grave-buildings. When someone does die they float up into the air as a black shadow. There's really no rules in this as long as we barely not break any of this site's rules. So yeah lets RP!

Our Epic Cast:
RavenSparrow5's Roles:
Piera Goyle: Alice
Nekki InKitty: The Cheshire Cat
Brooklyn Nessie: The Mad Hatter
Hunter: The March Hare
Angelica Darkness: The White Queen
Canon Character Roles:
Toralei Stripe: Saix

Abbey Bominable: Vexen

Spectra Vondergiest: Rita Skeeter

Operetta: Herself and a waitress at The Cavern

Holt Hyde: Himself and a bartender at The Cavern

Deuce Gorgon: Himself and a chef at The Cavern

Cleo de Nile: Herself

Frankie Stein: Dorothy (Watzit is Toto :3) - Claimed by Frankiestein65

HooDude: The Scarecrow

Robecca Steam: The Tin(wo)man

Clawdeen Wolf: The Cowardly Lion (she gets brave later though)

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood: Herself

C.A. Cupid: Herself in Cat's perfume which sends you into a dream-ception

So yeah, let's start!
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(Can I be Frankie?)
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(can i be holt)
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