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NaomiWinx posted on Jul 01, 2013 at 03:07PM
Now I know what you're thinking...This is MONSTER High not EVER AFTER High. But there are basically no clubs for it and if you've since the Ever After High series it's similar so yeah.
Here you can create your Ever After High character! Make as many characters as you want! I'll be putting down my Rebel: Chi-Ella SnowFreeze. (Get it? Chi-Ella = Chilly/Chillyea Snow Freeze? Not funny? Kay...)

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu NaomiWinx said…
Name: Chi-Ella Snowfreeze-Queen
Age: Unknown
Story: The Snow Queen
Daughter/Son Of: Snow Queen
Family: Snow Queen (Mom) Kai (Little Sister) Grende (Little Brother) Santa (Uncle)
Fairytale Destiny: To become the next Snow Queen
Place At The School: The one who is feared by many
Personality: She is cold and straight to the point not realizing how she hurts peoples feelings. (Soon she wants to change that and transforms into the Snow AND Fire Queen changing her story) She doesn't like people getting in her way and she with freeze you if you do.
Abilities: She can freeze things, Make snow, Levitate objects
 Name: Chi-Ella Snowfreeze-Queen Age: Unknown Story: The Snow queen Daughter/Son Of: Snow queen Fa
lebih dari setahun yang lalu charmtayla said…
this is the monster high fan club not the ever after high fan club! I am a member of this club for monster high not ever after high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
limited9906 commented…
thats very rude anda dont have to be angry at naomi lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Kira_Mizuki commented…
We ARE aware that this is a Monster High fan Club, not Ever After High. And I DO know that there is no club for Ever After High lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Kira_Mizuki commented…
And, Ever After High is also created oleh Mattel™, just like Monster High. Since they're both from Mattel™, we can create roleplays for Ever After High since there are no fan cluns for them(Ever After High). lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu NaomiWinx said…
.....I know it's a Monster High fan club. I just don't have any where else to put it...If you read up top it says why I put it here. I already know that. You might not be a fan but some people are. You don't have to be putting up all these "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelling at me when I have explained and had already realized that. Calm yourself. You aren't the only one here.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu RavenSparrow5 said…
I'll be Raven, Apple, My Rebel OC, Aisha Red, and my Royal OC, Crystal Gothel
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu captainswanlove said…
If I could butt in this fun......
Name: Penny Pan
Age: 16
Story: The Adventures of Peter Pan
Daughter of: Peter Pan
Family: Peter Pan (father) Jane Darling/Pan (Mother) Polly Pan (younger sister) Paris Pan (younger brother)
Fairytale Destiny: To become the next Peter Pan
Place at school: the immature class clown with a large group of friends
Personality: On the outside she's the class clown who doesn't take anything seriously
On the inside......Sweet caring and lovable
Abilites: flight, shadow travel
She's the red haird one.
 If I could butt in this fun...... Name: Penny Pan Age: 16 Story: The Adventures of Peter Pan Dau
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Kira_Mizuki said…
Maybe I shall join.

Name: Vidia Shadows
Age: 15
Story: Snow White
Daughter Of?: The evil witch in 'Snow White & The Seven Dwarves'
Family: Her mother, the evil witch, her father, the evil wizard, and her kind grandmother who's a poor and old witch
Fairytale Destiny: She has to be the next evil witch to torment Snow White. But towards her parents and in front of them, a mean and rude girl appears. But within four walls without her parents, lay a shy and quiet soul
Place At School: A girl who was forced to have two faces at a time without ANY friends.
Personalities: Vidia is a very, very shy, sweet, kind and compassionate rebel. Despite being the daughter of an evil pair of parents, the blood of her grandmother coarses through her veins. In front of her parents stood a tough, mean, rude, rebellious, stubborn and nasty girl. On the other side's a sweet angel. :3
Appearance?: I don't have a picture of Vidia. Sowwy... anyways, I'll describe her.
Looks: Vidia has medium-length, jet black hair tied up in a loose but neat bun held back by a sharp, metal blade with her side fringe drooping down, trailing into her bun as it covers her right eye, with purple highlights in her hair. She has a silver, plastic hairband with a purple, shiny amethyst apple on the left side of her hairband, decorating her hair. Her eyes are beautifully hazel, quite big and adorable, droopy and kind eyes framed by long, luscious and elegant, pitch black eyelashes, her pale skin and thin, pink lips compimenting her features.
Wears: Vidia loves wearing something purple, edgy and emo once in a while. The heels of her shoes are made out of tiny, sparkly, indigo crescent moons. She likes wearing bodices and skirts with frills, complimenting her vintage fishnet fingerless gloves.