monster high School Dance MH RP

Cookiesmyname posted on Mar 04, 2012 at 10:15PM

it's prom at monsterhigh and all the guys and ghouls are ready to have fun!

invited list: Bratzdolly &Clawtina

you can have 4 oc and 4 canon characters

(jackson is with bratzdolly oc Laurie)

every boy monster is all yours

I will be taking my oc Katia.

see you in rp

ill start

Katia poofed on her best dress for her big night.Even though she didn't have a boyfriend doesn't mean she couldn't have fun with her ghoul friends she just couldn't wait to dance the night away.Poofing up a pair of heels and flats just in case,a purse and a new hairdo she was ready.Getting in her car she drove to monsterhigh.

monster high 457 balasa

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