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WinxRocks posted on Jan 17, 2012 at 11:08AM
Well.. It's mine.You can create by your own!
Name:Sintonia Scuro.It's meaning 'dark harmony'.
Named stage and Scream magazine's:Stella Oscura(dark star)
Parents:The dark fairy or much known as Mon-fairy.
Killer style:Dark purple and black striped tube top,a black cardigan,a black fluffy skirt(or tutu),white leggings,transparent gloves,black,dark purple,and white high-heeled boots,and of course wings!The color of my wings are light purple with dark purple tips.
Freaky flaw:I am allergic with cheese.When I just touch it,smell it,or maybe eat it,my skin turns into magenta!Weird,huh?
Favorite color:Dark colors.Why not?
Favorite foods:Strawberry shortcake.
Biggest pet peeve:When my voices are discordant.I really don't like it.
Favorite activity:Singing,playing music instrument(electric guitar,piano,drums,and violin),and writing a songs for someone maybe?
Pet:Night Angel is my pet nightingale.I love her voices,so adorable!
Favorite subject:Hystory,Music theory,Music hystory,Gym,and... DRAMA!
Least favorite subject:Mad science,Geomethry,Home Ick,and... MATH!
Monsters personality:I think I'm so talented in music(cause I'm a singer,actress,dubber,and musicians).Yup,that's me...
#1.Like what I said,I'm a talented singer,actress,dubber,and a musicians.
#2.I was heard Operetta,Clawdeen,Cleo,and Abbey are my biggest fans!When I heard that,I just smiling and I was so proud of my self.
#3.I have a crush on Holt.But,he didn't know it.
#4.I can't cooking.But I can cooking pancakes,steak,grape pudding,banana sandwich,and strawberry shortcake.Hahaha.. It will make my GFFs proud of me.

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