In early 2012 (or perhaps late 2011) I began to follow a youtuber named “Skydoesminecraft”. Sky is a minecraft-playing youtuber (no duh). He often plays acak minecraft minigames, and shows off minecraft mod showcases. In at least 90% of his videos, he is accompanied oleh one atau lebih other youtubers. This is often a large draw to the public because it includes varying people with varying styles that build off of each other. This led to a group oleh the name of “TeamCrafted”.

TeamCrafted was composed oleh a number of people but the most well-known on-screen performances were that of

There were other members such as Cavemanfilms, Dawnables, and Weedlion, but these were the members that were the most well-known and the most… poignant in the collapse of the group.

Kermit and Seto became EX-members in 2013, Kermit oleh choice due to semi-heated discussions concerning the cleanliness of his content (cleanly in the sense of structure, such as pictures on thumbnails, filled descriptions, NOT cleanly in language atau visual atau vocal content), and Seto oleh force.

Seto had a style that deviated from the group. He was not as wacky, he was lebih informative. However despite this, he remained an important member. Unfortunately he was also reluctant to public meetings. Despite the embarrassment not attending public meetings would cause to the other members, Seto refused to be a public figure.

BajanCanadian decided to bring it to a vote if the group should remove Seto. All but Deadlox agreed in this rash decision and Seto was removed. He claims that there was no warning ahead of time, and to this hari I have no reason to disbelieve that statement.

I feel Seto’s firing was the largest push to what would happen in early 2014. It was a sad event that put blame on every member (excluding Deadlox but including Seto). While Seto was selfish, atau perhaps lebih appropriately INSENSITIVE and INDIFFERENT to the gash this would cause in the esteem and pride of the other members who would have to stand around to the pertanyaan “Where is Seto”, the other members (again excluding Deadlox) were also selfish, insensitive, and indifferent in their response of not only not talking it over with Seto, but not attempting a compromise.

I cannot say that all of this information is solid. I do not know for sure if there were actual talks between Team Crafted and Seto, but all else I have confirmed. Until that information is proven wrong, and I hope it will be, it is factual-theory.

In early 2014, TeamCrafted sent out an animated trailer of the remaining members racing each other to a remix of “Hall of the Mountain King” blew up on youtube, and later we discovered that TeamCrafted was going to become larger, and filled with lebih content.

The members bought a large house where they all began moving into, and started up a channel for their group. This was filled with Q&A’s, vlogs, photoshoots, and some other acak videos. Things were looking great for them but soon after there was a fallout between BajanCanadian, and Skydoesminecraft.

There were two arguments I know about between the youtubers that led to the fallout but I will discuss the major one as I feel it was much lebih involved with the breakup.

Sky’s content was becoming lebih and more… inappropriate. Originally the team would spout out foul language, sex-humor, toilet-humor, and general immaturity. However this was never such a problem that it DICTATED the content. It was prevalent but not as bad as it could be.

Unfortunately Sky met another youtuber oleh the name of “MunchingBrotato”, a very quick-witted individual with a lot of sass and charisma. Brotato unfortunately was even lebih foul-mouthed than Sky. The two hit it off and the lebih they recorded, the lebih the content became disgusting. The toilet-humor and innuendos became incredibly prevalent. This was not only because of Brotato of course. Other members such as “Bashurverse”, “AntVenom”, and “GoldSolace” became lebih involved with Sky, and their content darkened as well.

BajanCanadian was becoming less and less comfortable with the direction of the new content. It is rumored that a relative of his became distraught oleh his language and shameful humor, which increased the guilt inside of him, leading to a change. Bajan stopped using larger cuss-words like the F-Bomb, S-Bomb, and other phrases. He also decreased the toilet-humor and sex-jokes extremely, and wanted Sky to do the same.

Obviously this did not end well, and the two parted ways. ASFJerome being life-long friends with Mitch, before, and now after, TeamCrafted, sided with his buddy, and their content changed for the better.

Sky attempted to hold things together, and keep TeamCrafted’s strong new direction going, but he, and soon after Husky, left the group. Months later they reformed into a new TeamCrafted consisted of ~SkyDoesMinecraft

Currently Sky’s group constantly fills their video with poop everywhere, sperm-jokes, and lots of loud laughter.

Bajan’s group, called THE PACK, consists mainly of

When recording with Mitch they keep their jokes to a acak variety of humor though usually including bad-pun contests.

My main issue comes with the “fans” of BajanCanadian and ASFJerome. Constantly there are people telling him “You aren’t funny anymore because anda don’t cuss. You’re a sellout because anda don’t cuss. #ReviveASF.”

ASF (AWESOME SAUCE FILMS) was a gaming channel before the minecraft days with Mitch and Jerome. It ended 2 years yang lalu and people are still upset over it and refuse to simply… pindah ON.

It is apparently a crime to have clean content. Mitch’s style has not changed at all, nor has Jeromes, and yet because of a cleaner video-type they are now enemies of SO many commenters. Recently they did a throwback minecraft natal video, where they showed the best of old content. This old content had large cuss-words in it. Like addicts to drugs, it was filled with “YAY HE CUSSED!”, “HE WAS FUNNIER WHEN HE CUSSED”, “THANK YOU, MITCH”. The translation I take from that is “Oh thank goodness, he’s poisoning our minds. Yes! YES! I cinta it. Ruin us more!”

It is incredibly PATHETIC the hate being placed on these youtubers.
~They do not get extra money for cleaner content. As many can see it has caused a LARGE NEGATIVE BACKLASH. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HELP THEIR PAY. In fact, after the pull from Sky their tampilan have DECREASED.
~They choose what they do, not you, and if they want to make their content better, they can.
~Lack of cussing does not equal lack of humor. Constantly there are still many jokes made, and constantly there are high-tension events in the best ways. Some very good examples can be found in
>”Minecraft Lucky Block Mod Maze PVP (Modded Minigame)“ (Jerome)
>”Minecraft: Lucky Block Battle-Arena Part 1 of 2 w/Mitch & Friends! (Lucky Block Mod)/ Minecraft: Lucky Block Battle-Arena Part 2 of 2 w/Mitch & Friends! (Lucky Block Mod)“ (BajanCanadian)
>or ANY of the Murder in minecraft videos

Many humorous one-liner events can be found such as
>Jerome putting on a Steve Head to match with his business suit and spouting out acak business-man jibberish {link
>Spouting out “Good Banter” while running away from each other in PVP
>Nicknames for CraftbattleDuty and Vikk

And lebih on the list.

>Mitch and Jerome’s content still goes strong with constant video of many varieties
>Hunger Games
>TNT Wars
>Adventure series
>Prank Wars
>In-person skits (A hari in the Life of ASFJerome)
>Lucky Block style videos
>Minecraft Party
And SO much more.

~What many fail to understand is that any in content variety isn’t because Mitch and Jerome have changed. It’s because they don’t record with Sky anymore. Sky’s style contrasts from their style. He doesn’t have them and Vice Versa. THAT is the only reason quality may have dropped, despite it not dropping half as much as Sky’s.

Sky’s current string of video normally consists of
>Random minigames
>Occasional PVP
>Reading Gay Fanfiction
>Minecraft animations (usually filled with toilet humor)
>Cops N Robbers
>Minecraft Party

As someone who does not watch Sky’s content regularly anymore, I know there are other video types he still does like the Mod Showcases, but these are the most prevalent. Despite that, in my research it has been a constant that almost EVERYTHING is either a sex-joke atau a poop-joke, and filled with foul language.

Many people make the statement “Mitch and Jerome are thinking of their younger viewers” WRONG! They are thinking of ALL viewers. I’m disgusted that it’s become the standard that the reason to become lebih mature in content (ACTUAL maturity that is meant to help not scar), lebih APPROPRIATE, more… MORALLY SOUND, lebih PURE, has to deal with the younger audience. All of us can benefit from clean content and the only pain people feel from lack thereof is the withdrawal one feels when they can’t have their cuss-words. How terrible for them.

It would be one-thing if Mitch and Jerome were becoming lebih inappropriate and lebih offensive, but they aren’t and yet they have lebih people attacking them than anyone getting on Sky’s case for making a blowjob joke every ten seconds.

It’s incredibly unfair and, for lack of a better word, demonic. This is literally calling good bad and bad good. It’s THEIR channels NOT yours and it doesn’t hurt you, so STOP HURTING THEM!

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