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 me and my zaebae
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just posing
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This mindless behavior foto might contain ruang keluarga, ruang tamu, ruang duduk, depan kamar, salon, and ruang tamu.

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Ok guys this part of the story is RATED R if anda can't handle stuff like this than skip it.. Don't say I didn't warn you

Me: what type then?
T: the sexual type
Me: Umm .. I knew that
- Has Boner -
Me: T calm down okay - laughing-
You're friend is too happy
- Tyga tackles me on the tempat tidur playfully -

- He kisses my kleevage-
Me: -sits up- are anda gon tease me atau f__k me?
Tyga: well anda berkata it
- both take our clothes off til we're in underwear -

T: I'm going to make anda wet
Me: well stop telling me and do it
- rubs my clit -
Me: -has orgasm-
T: -fingers me-
Me: *moans*
T: sticks in his tongue and...
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posted by Butterfly555
 Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Dating a nigga with power can be the most comfortable feeling in the world,Even though the thug life ain't always good aman, brankas atau shit when he wraps his arms around anda he makes anda feel safe.The relationships ain't never easy cause with every thug there's a rude pantat, keledai attidue awaiting.The aggression is natural.All that shit pays off dough...In the bedroom:D

California Compton...7:00am(Monday Morning)

Chresanto August...
Wassup i'm Chresanto August i also go oleh Roc i'm 18 years old i mean what can i say b*tches cinta me sh*t i f*cked half the school honestly i can't help that i got a big d*ck.On...
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posted by its_kristi_rae
Roc: come one

you: but I don't know how to skate

Roc: so I can teach anda

you: yeah no

Roc: baby please come on you'll do it for me

(Roc starts ciuman anda on your neck and brings it up to your lips)

you: well since anda asked it like that I guess I got no other choice but to say yes now huh

(Roc kisses anda again)

Roc: exactly


you: Roc what if I fall

Roc: you're not gonna fall

you: but what if I do

Roc: then I'll be right here to grab your butt *ehem ehem* I mean catch you

you: yeah anda better had changed it

Roc: ok anda ready

you: yeah I guess

(as soon as anda stepped on the floor anda fell which made Roc trip so anda ended up falling on puncak, atas of Roc. Roc laughed at you)

you: see I told anda and it's not funny

Roc: aww babe it's ok and see I told anda I was going to be here to catch you

(Roc grabs your butt)

Roc: and grab your but


(Roc kisses you)

Roc: cinta anda too
posted by RayRay_LuvzU2
Lana's P.O.V:
I lay in my tempat tidur sleeping peacefully until my alarm starts beeping as loud as day. 6 am already? Dang time goes oleh so fast... I get out of bed, stretch, and turn off the alarm. As I was about go to the bathroom to do my hygiene, my mother comes in my room.
(Lana's Mom=LM) (Lana=L)
LM: Good Morning sweetheart!(Smiles bright)
L: Good Morning mother! (yawns then smiles.)
LM: Are anda getting ready for school?
L: Yes mother, I just got up... (says while laughing)
LM: Well, I'll be downstairs ready to take anda to school ok?
L: Ok
Lana's P.O.V:
As my mom leaves I did my hygiene routine...
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posted by Missprinceton1
Princeton & Narell

Princeton; *takes Narrel oleh the hand*
Narell; what is it now
Princeton: shhhhhhh *kisses my neck*
Narell: princeton what if Bre comes in
Princeton; she wont
Narell; i have to take her to her ballet class
Princeton; ok we will continue later
Narell; ok

I go back to Bre she has her outfit on so i tied her hair into the ballet buns and drove her to ballet class in took hner inside and sined in for her the ballet thing take an jam so i go halaman awal for 40 mins then come to pick her

AT home
Princeton; is she at ballet?
Narell; yes
Princeton; do u want to finish what we started
Narell; yes...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Roc: Ummmmmmmm......I did????????
Janae: Then how anda get a Wal-Greens bag in your hand....
Roc: Keisha told me to......
Lana: Why would she pick you?
Roc: Cause im the.... most responsible
All but Roc: *laughs*
Prince: anda don't even LOOK responsible
Roc: Why anda so focused on my face!!!!
Ray: Cause we can be...
Roc: It's cause im so sexy isn't it
Tori: *Drake voice* No Lie No Lie No Lie-e-ii
Prod: Tori!!!!
Tori: What!!!
Prod: anda over there bernyanyi 2-chainz
Tori: So..... I'm not bernyanyi Amen!!!
Shaniah: *smiles EXTRA HARD*
Jacob: That's not a pleasant smile
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