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This mindless behavior foto might contain memakai waktu luang, olahraga wear, potret, headshot, and closeup.

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posted by Skittlez143fan
Okay so it's morning time and you're getting ready for lunch with Mindless Behavior
Okay I'm WAYtoo excited!MB is gonna meet me at pizza Hut in a couple hours (you woke up at 7:00 AM) and I need to get dressed outta my pajamas right now.I do my hair,wash my face,and take a shower.I need to dress casual but pretty.Okay so this is what I am wearing and stuff:link look at the clock and it's 9:00 AM.How the heck could it be that time ALREADY?I must have been in the mandi, shower too long,or have gotten dressed too long.Oh well.I already ate breakfast at 7:00 AM,so now all I need to do is wait for...
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posted by Skittlez143fan
Okay so anda and sinar, ray kissed,you were playing with his tongue,and Prod was just standing there watching y'all with his jantung broken.

Ray:*smiles,puts his arm around your waist,and pulls anda closer*
Yn:*pulls away and whispers*Bed.Now.Ray.
Ray:*gets a boner*mkay *carries anda bridal style and turns around,sees Prod,drops anda not on purpose*
Yn:0.0 Prod...
Prod:I came in here to get a bottle of water.I thought anda liked me.But,I now know to to think that.So anda do have a favorite?You lied?Why?
Yn:I do like anda and no one is my favorite!I didn't lie to anda Prod!I promise.
Ray:so anda like...
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posted by MindlessGirl145
 I ciuman sinar, ray sinar, ray
Nyah: Yess
Roc: I got u somethin
Nyah: Wat
Roc: *Unwraps the blanket* This
Nyah: OMG
Roc: I know how much u like binatang lebih than me so i got u a puppy
Nyah: Is it a boy atau a girl
Roc: Its a girl
Nyah: Im gonna name it Brownie
Roc: Me and u were thinkin the samthing then, o and shes 3 years old and her birthday is August 4th
Prince: Keyanna
Key: Yes
Prince: I WUV U
Key: I WUV U 2
Key: Lets go 2 the mall
When I got 2 the mall I saw the cutest thing 4 Prince
-Key&Prince at home-
Prince: Watz in the bag
Key: Something 4 u *Handz him the bag*
Prince: Thanks...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb cinta story epi 27 cinta WITH A TURN--------ughhhh I hate exams acak ish lol btw ima try to make Eli's longer but end with a cliffy and a pertanyaan so anda can be in suspence tell me if dat works out atau not oh and warning this a a sexual kinda talk so almost pg-13 but told ya I have trouble menulis that stufff lol-----
Recap-diamond and roc had a sexual moment and she gonna talk to ronya
Angel:*texting diggy*
Ronya and diamond:*run in room*
Diamond:*actin like she bout to have a jantung attack* omg omg omgggg
Angel:geez girl what they stick up yo a**
Diamond:*mumbles*more like what he wants to
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posted by asya10wooten
HI Im New too menulis a mindless story but i hope anda and enjoy this

angela p.o.v
Hi im angela im moving all the from New York City
to LAS.ANGELOS anda KNOW HOW THAT IS and today is my first hari of my new high school L.A ART Former school sooo i decied to put this outfit on (link)

my mom drove me to school it felt like forever but it was only like a 10minute drive when we pulled up to the school it was huge.i got out the car and just and told my mom bye as i walk up to this cut boy wering this cute outfit (link)
i accidently bump into this boy"im sorry","no it's ok are anda new hear","yea","what's...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb cinta story epi9 cinta WITH A TURN-----
Recap-diamond went to talk to Jacob and malaikat gonna tease prince as payback
Still diamond pov
I was gonna go talk to Jacob but then I bumped into someone
??:oh I'm sorry wasn't paying attention
Diamond:*wiping off*its okay
??:so what's youre name?
Diamond:people call me diamond and y- *looks up* OMG I-I mean Jacob I I'm was just coming to talk to you
Jacob:oh ok cool let's talk then
*they talk and laugh for a while*
Roc pov
When I looked over I saw D talkin to Jacob I wonder why she was blushing and giggling but why do I care so much I mean I'm not her boyfriend but I think I'm starting to fall in cinta with her I mean I've always loved her but now I know exactly what it is End pov---------mmm roc awww finally anda figured that ish out!!!!!!! Lol-------
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