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This mindless behavior foto might contain memakai waktu luang, olahraga wear, potret, headshot, and closeup.

Ok , I might be doing a story , and I'm actually going to keep doing it if its good to y'all .

I want the story to be about how young teens actually find cinta , and as they are growing up , they go through A LOT of obstacles and unusual things .

MB and Their Gfs

Princeton : Alexis @avanzant12

sinar, ray sinar, ray : Leandrah a.k.a Leah @SwaggerQueen

Roc Royal : Raynell (I think) @princetonn_beww

Prodigy : aaliyah (me)

And any other people that anda want to be atau have suggestions for .

Please komentar , kotak masuk me , atau write on my dinding who atau what anda want to be .

And komentar your name .

Thanks . 💜👍😄😉
 Mindless Behavior 💜
Mindless Behavior 💜
posted by prettygirlny
The konser ...

We took our seats in front row .
Monique:Oh my Fxxxing goodness we are in the front row !
(All of the girls squeled )
Girls :I know !!!!!!

( The crowd goes crazy for MB as they walk on stage )

Prince Yo wasup my MB fan .We just want to take the time to sing to our new girlfriends .

(Jenna quickly remembered what happened in the room back stage )

Jenna :That's us ! Guys were their new girlfriends!
Shay : Damn I almost forgot .
Vanessa : How the hell anda gonna forget oyu is one of Mindless Behaviors girlfriend .
Shay:Because I just forgot .Do anda need me to jack your -
Jenna : Yall both...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Prod: So Lexi are we back together
Lexi: IDK I need sometime to think about it
Prince: How bout we drive around town
Makaliah: anda just wanna drive...
Prince: Correct
Jacob: What car are we gonna take??
Prince: The tour bus
Roc: I wanna drive...
Prince: No anda suck
Prod: I wanna drive
Prince: No your gonna run over ducks
Prod: Why not...
Roc: It did nothing you...
Shaniah: Roc if anda care so much about binatang then why aren't anda a vegan
Roc: I don't cinta them that much
Prod: So I can run over a duck
Roc: No why would anda wanna do that
Prod: Why not????
Roc: Want me...
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Keyera and Craig are walking on the beach

Craig: did anda have fun?
Keyera: yeah thanx, I hardly ever come here coz my dad... *voice trails off*
Craig: what bout your dad?
Keyera: uhh *looks down* my dad... Uh... Cant afford to bring me here thats why
Craig: oh ohkay, *takes out platinum card* anda can use this for the mean-time
Keyera: no its fine thanx
Craig: baby I wanna see anda happy
Keyera: *keeps quiet*
Craig: Kea... Kea...
Keyera: *tear drops* Craig?
Craig: whats wrong? *really worried*
Keyera: *whispers* Dorian was right
Craig: *heard...
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???: What the hell are anda doing?


Keyera: uhh...
Craig: we were kissin, gotta problem?
???: damn yeah I gotta a problem
Craig: solve it!
Keyera: uhh... Craig, thats my brother
Craig: woah crap!
Keyera: Dorian, its okay, I...
Dorian: this ur boyfriend?
Craig: yeah I am
Dorian: dude...
Keyera: uhh...*looks down*
Dorian: oh... Hahaha!
Craig: whats so funny?
Dorian: *stops laughing* seriously man... Ur annoying
Keyera: Dorian, go home
Dorian: niqqa whats ur name?
Craig: Craig and whats yours?
Dorian: none of your concern, so baby sis, is this your way out? Hahaha
Keyera: shut the fuck up Dorian...
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Keyera just got a call...

Keyera: *looks at phone* uhh.... excuse me please *moves away* hello dad
Dad: where's your pantat, keledai at??
Keyera: somewhere
Dad: I know that God damn it... I wanna know exactly where anda at
Keyera:Im gonna turn seventeen very soon and u still up on my face with all this 'come here' bullshit
Dad: dont tell me this crap just get here NOW
Craig: why u takin so long baby? *kisses her neck deeply*
Keyera:umm... dad I.... Oh My God... dad imma have to talk later...
Dad: what the fuck is happening there
Keyera: nothing dad and bye <<hangs...
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sinar, ray is at Saniya's house
Ray knocks on door

Saniya: *opens the door* oh Ray, hey *smiles*
Ray: why? *tears up* why huh?
Saniya: um Ray, what are anda talki-(gco)
Ray: its bout Prince, why didnt u just listen? *tears form more*
Saniya: wait, what bout Prince?
Ray: oh so now anda care huh?
Saniya: i've always cared for him
Ray: is it really?
Saniya: look here, u are not in Princeton and I's relationship-(gco)
Ray: just like your not oleh his side right now!!
Saniya: what the fuck is your problem? anda cant just pop up and start judging me all of a sudden!
Ray: i aint judging you... *takes a deep breath* look......
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(picking up from his letter)

Dear Saniya
We started out it was perfect nothing but fun and my jantung was convinced to say that ur the one and i thought this wud last for the rest of our lives! Boy, was i just kidding my self...
Funny i didnt make it right, u wouldnt be with another guy...
Nothing can cure the state im in coz im experiencing what they call heartbreak and i know its gonna hurt lebih as long as i stay here coz this is something that i cant shake, they say its only just as worse as anda make it, i know but hey, wat can i do?
Here i am thinking back when i was at ur door, the first time...
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Craig: its okay, is there anything i can do to help?
Keyera: u wanna help?
Craig: yeah
Keyera: but u hardly know me
Craig: still...
Keyera: thank u *hugs him*
Craig: ur welcome *hugs back*

Keyera pov
he is such a guy! I know dad wud never allow but this is what i have 2 do! Its not like i care bout him, i just want to get away and Craig seems to be my only way out... Gotta put my fakeness ON!!

Keyera: im sorry
Craig: sorry?
Keyera: yeah, for being such an pantat, keledai
Craig: nah, its fine
Keyera: u so sweet, i like you
Craig: oh, hehe, i like u too *smiles*
Keyera: I have to go now, bye! *turns to leave*
Craig: Keyera,...
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Prod is at the mall

???: hey stranger
Craig: huh?*turns around* Keyera, hey!
Keyera: wasup?
Craig: nuthin much, u?
Keyera: yeah, and umm-(gco)
???: Kea, lets go!
Keyera: but im still-(gco)
???: I berkata LETS GO!!
Keyera: yes, Daddy *look at Craig with "help me" eyes* bye *walks off with her dad*

Craig pov
This girl is really beautiful but everytime i talk 2 her, she looks scared, and *puts his hand in his jean pocket and pulls out something* i still have her bracelet?!


Craig getting out the toko and gets bumped oleh some1

???: im sorry *runs away*
Craig: Keyera!!...
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Prince: Sani? *starts panicking* DOCTOR! DOCTOR!

Doctors come rushing

Doc: can u please get out...
Prince: why is she...
Saniya: *still shaking, her eyes roll back*
Doc: NOW SIR!!

Prince gets out...
Doc gets out after 2 hours

Prince: *jumps up* is she ok?
Doc: yes, she is but it looks as if something is troubling her
Prince: *teary eyed* oh,umm, can i see her?
Doc: ok, she's just in a bit of a state but again yes u can
Prince: thank u *he goes inside*

Saniya is just sitting there staring into space

Prince: hello
Saniya: *looks at him* hello
Prince: *starts crying* urgh man, i cant do this
Saniya: do what??...
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posted by Imdalyric
Prince wit the doctor

Prince: hey Doc
Doc: hey, can i help you?
Prince: umm... well..can i ask anda for a favor?
Doc: wel it depends
Prince: can i be her care taker?
Doc: well anda can visit her when anda get halaman awal :
Prince: no i mean be her ... personal nurse... anda know, like the assigned nurse
Doc: O_O
Prince: please sir
Doc: umm anda may go halaman awal now *looks @ him* anda looks like anda need the rest
Prince: look sir, this is the only way i can repay her for wat i did
Doc: what anda did???
Prince: just forget that
Doc: look we cant just give out that position i mean we got highly qualified nurses for that
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Room 123
Saniya (skittlez) is just sitting on her tempat tidur watching t.v

Prince: he...hello
Saniya: hey
Prince: how u doing?
Saniya: im doing great thnx & u are??
Prince: umm uh...
Saniya: u must be my nurse ryt? U so young but thats also cool
Prince: wat? No im not-(gco)
Saniya: nice 2 meet u, my name is Saniya and u?
Prince: im Jacob and-(gco)
Saniya: can i call u Jake?
Prince: uhmm, okay
Saniya: great, then since ur my nurse, u my friend! Lemme give u a hug (gets off)
Prince: Sani, no
Saniya: *gets up but hurt herself* AHHHH
Prince: *catches her* Saniya, wtf?? Just sit ur pantat, keledai down, u dnt wanna hurt urself...
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Skittlez pov
urgh! I HATE HIM! If only i cud just slaughter him i wud just., urgh! *car beeps* what now? What do u ppl want 4rm me? * turns*


Prince: *runs 2 her* SANIYA!!! (Skittlez real name)

Prince pov
OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Please Skitt, wake up! Wake up!


Prince: *crying* Plz Saniya, wake up, wake up, please *voice trembling*

The paramedics come out
PG= Paramedic guy

PG: Sir will u please move
Prince: *dont wanna let go* n...no......
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Skittlez: *tears in her eyes* P...Prince?
Prince: *pushes Skylar off* Skitt! Umm... Uh?
Skylar: oh, Skittlez, hey and what are u doing here coz ur disturbing us?
Skittlez: *tears fall down* oh, my bad, i'll be right out and umm... Prince...i enjoyed wat we had while it lasted *walks out*
Prince: Skitt wait!
Skylar: just leave her hunny, if she cared she wud still be here, like im here 4 u ryt now
Prince: whateva *runs after Skittlez*

Skittlez pov
how cud he?? He just let me pour out my jantung 2 him then just... He just... *crying*

Prince: Skitt! Wait! I can explain!
Skittlez: *turns around* what can...
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Skittlez knocks on Prince's door
Prince Mom=PM

PM: *opens door* hello
Skittlez: hey ma'am, can I plz talk 2 Prin- i mean Jacob?
PM: Oh... Okay, come in
Skittlez: thank u *comes in*
PM: he's in his room, but plz be nice coz he was in a mood when he came in
Skittlez: alright ma'am *goes up the stairs & knocks on his door*
Prince: WHAT??
Skittlez: okay jeez, umm can i come in?
Prince: i dnt know, can u?
Skittlez: *rolls eyes* yeah i can *comes in*

Prince was just sittin in his tempat tidur with tears in his eyes

Skittlez: hello *goes 2 sit selanjutnya 2 him*
Prince: *looks up* hey
Skittlez: look im sorry okay, ur not my...
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Prince: u really mean that?
Skittlez: lebih than i've ever meant any feelin-(gco)
Prince: *kisses her*
Skittlez: *kisses him back*

Riley pov
ok, so i've been thinking bout me and Dorian's bet... I cant do it! I mean i've grown to really cinta her and i wud neva do anythin 2 hurt her... I think its time i really tell her how i feel *turns around & starts walkin 2 her house*

Prince: *pulls back* uh...umm... Im sorry
Skittlez: nah its fine...just fine, so do u 4give me?
Prince: yeah its alright, i 4give u
Skittlez: great! Then can i tampil u sumthin?
Prince: *chuckles* yeah, okay
Skittlez: *kisses him passionately*...
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Skittlez: Jake, c'mon wait!
Riley: *holds her wrist* just leave him
Skittlez: look Riley, I know ur my bf, but I care bout him 2
Riley: *his hand tightens* i berkata just leave him
Skittlez: *:-/* Riley...u hurting me
Riley: *lets her go* okay im sorry but are u gonna leave me just like dat & go after him?
Skittlez: umm... *looks the way prince went only 2 find him gone* no, im not
Riley: good, okay
Skittlez: oh yeah, im sorry r u okay?
Riley: nah, im fine, lemme just walk u home
Skittlez: oh okay thnx

20 min later...

Skittlez pov
*pacing up & down* man, i need 2 talk 2 prince, make him understand......
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@ the park...
Riley: excuse me umm Jacob??
Prince: *pulls back 4rm kiss* hey??
Skylar: hello, but we were still busy
Skittlez: im so sorry but-(gco)
Prince: Skitt can i talk 2 u? In private?
Skittlez: uhh *looks @ Riley* ok
THEY pindah AWAY
Prince: hey Skitt
Skittlez: hey Jake
Prince: sorry but can i ask u sumthin?
Skittlez: yeah, since u already have
Prince: do u luv Riley?
Skittlez: *0_0* uhh... Yes! Yeah, i do luv him
Prince: do u know the true meaning of love?
Skittlez: *:-/* yeah ... Well... Do u??
Prince: i dont believe in cinta because i still dont have u!
Skittlez: REALLY!? I mean wat??
Prince: look Skittlez,...
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2 weeks later
Prince pov
Urgh! Why do i have 2 be so stupid? I had the best thing that i could ever want and i decided 2 just throw that away without fightin... *sigh* Skittlez is mine!
???: Princey! Hey, how are you?
Prince: wat is it, Skylar?
Skylar: i just wanted 2 see you,baby!
Prince: look, i gotta be somewhere, and oh anda seen Skittlez anywhere?
Skylar: she was @ the park when i saw her wit-(gco)
Prince: thnx *leaves*
Skylar: boy im still talking 2 you!

Prince went 2 the park while Skylar was behind him blabbering bout wateva & @ the park...

Prince: WTF?!?
Skylar: why do u keep cutting me off?...
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