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This mindless behavior foto might contain memakai waktu luang, olahraga wear, potret, headshot, and closeup.

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posted by avanzant12
So this is my new story hope u guys like :-)

So it was few hari berfor New Years so the girl and me was talk bout how we was Gna celebrate 2013 . So
Nia berkata "let hve party and get bulk wild lol".
Carmen &skai both berkata right there wth anda .
The other girl yea let do it.

So the guys was walking in Paris ,terian ,and Alexis was talk .
Prodigy ciuman Alexis wat y'all tlk bout ?alexis we tlk the party we was plan for New Years .prodigy well I can wait for that party .
Ray sinar, ray berkata " let's go get sme eat ."skai berkata anda alway hungry anda stared to be like prodigy lol." Every body laugh .so we went...
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posted by geekygirl1999
ok so this is the girlz

first yahnna

next me

ok sooo bak to da story

after that everybody leaves we get dressed

at my house
me n yah-*getting dressed*
yah-walks out*how i look
me-sexy spongebob lol
yah-smh hatting
me-lol how i look
yah-damn u looking sexy
boys-*knocks n da door*
us-*walks down stairs*
me-*opens door*hii

we go out to the fair

with yah n ray
ray-i bet ill win that big bear
yah-no u wont
ray-ok if i win u give me a kiss
yah-ok if i win u give me a kiss
ray-deal*knocks all the pins down*
man-ok pick a prize
ray-pick a prize
yah-picks a big...
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posted by avanzant12
Sorry I haven been put story own her but been tide up wth high school# ugh.

Last we left off Princeton was tell how he put that train own her beep beep lool. So I gt my phone and text my sis mya and told her cme over to the house . So mya cme over , I said" hey sis guess wat happen to me." She said" what ,I berkata read between the line ".she omg sis how was it gurl." I berkata it was like ice cream wth ceri, cherry own puncak, atas ola ola. Mya u to much four me girl. I berkata no I Amm not jump went toward the bath throw up like blah. Mya are u alight ". I berkata yeah I think I mite be n my oven.

The selanjutnya hari mya...
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posted by kaitadam
You ready to party berkata Randy. When the class gets there they see all of this beautiful decorations and they hear a slow song first then the dj started to get into the hip hop, rap and club mix music. Who is that berkata Princeton. That’s Alexi berkata Randy. She is too hot to be Alexi berkata Princeton. Randy was like yes it is. Princeton walks over to ask Alexi for a dance. Yes anda may have this dance berkata Alexi. She took his hand and walks over to the floor. But he doesn't know it's her. Everybody is shocked as they dance together. Then they grabbed something to eat together at the buffet table....
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posted by Imdalyric
2 hours later

PM: Jacob! JACOB!! makan malam was ready an jam ago, mi dios! (my God!)
PM: *Goes up to his room and goes inside* sweetie?

Prince is lying on his tempat tidur in an "im sleeping" kinda way and some jus is still on his bed...

PM: Jake, its time to wake up now, you've been sleeping for far too long. Its makan malam now
PM: *goes up to him and shakes him lightly* Jake? Jake? *shakes him a bit rougher and still no movement* Oh my God! *shakes him rougher* Jacob, no baby please dont do this...
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Prince is at Saniya's house
Prince: *rings doorbell*
Saniya: *opens up* urgh, you!!
Prince: can i please talk to you?
Saniya: duhh, anda already are talking
Prince: oh yeah, look im sorry i lied to anda and im sorry i cheated on anda and im sorry i left u alone when u needed someone the most
Saniya: you're sorry? U tellin me you're... Sorry?? *sarcastic laughs*
Prince: im serious Saniya, I cinta you, ur my life, without anda my whole world would just fall off its axis, please u have to believe me
Saniya: oh! *touched oleh what he said* uhh... anda have to go! NOW!!
*closes the door*
Prince: *sighs then leaves*...
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