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This mindless behavior fan art might contain kap, hood, pakaian luar, overclothes, pakaian, and kotak mantel.

posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Leah POV
So after we got some ice cream we went back outside and talked
Me: -standing up-
So I mean I don't even know wh-
J: -grabs the back of my head and kisses me-
Me: -pulls away-
??: Justin what yo pantat, keledai doing over here with this trick..
Me: hold t'h up who are you?
??: his girlfriend Brianna
Me: -slaps Justin-
And to think I almost had feelings for yo ass
-walks upstairs and slams the door-

So I met this girl who I happened to know .. she's pretty fine
Me: so anda are?
??: Brianna
Me: pretty name
B: yeah anda know...
Me: anda gotta boyfriend
B: *sighs yeah I do
Me: oh well it's...
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posted by avanzant12
hey i am only going 2 do 12 chatper of this story and might do a new stroy after this.

So it's the selanjutnya morning the guys was in h- town. I was geting up and i had a video check own my laptop ,so i gt it and check it was my boo.mhe hey wat good boo . Prince nun we jus got in h -town and i miss anda <3 .mhe that good i miss anda two baby <3.ray sinar, ray in the back i cinta anda baby lol .mhe i cinta anda two sinar, ray sinar, ray lol .then i closed video chat dwn ,then i went to take my bath then get started wth my day.

In h -town with mb sinar, ray sinar, ray it 's a lot of honeys down here ,roc yea and i am bout to get my...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Lakye POV
I was laying in my tempat tidur trying to hold my tears back ... then Chres came in my room UGH
C: baby girl
Me: what -gettin ready to cry-
C: Lakye sweetie I'm sorry
Me: -sniffles-
C: -sits oleh me-
Me: go away!
C: honey please
Me: don't call me Honey atau sweetie atau anything else because anda f-cking put your hands on me !! I'm done Chres!!
C: Lakye listen
Me: No Chres I'm done -walks away-
C: -grabs my arm tightly and pulls me back-
Me: -wincing in pain-
Let me go

Isaac POV
So Unique has been stressed so I decided to take her out and we have some fun!
[ listen to Do it like anda by...
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posted by ThatChick_Liyah
// Nevaeh's POV //
When we got to the hospital in Adyn's room , I was highly upset . I started crying because I was about to literally KILL Adyn . He's so childish . He was sitting on the tempat tidur getting fed jello oleh a young nurse .
// End POV //

Adyn: hey Nevaeh
Nevaeh: Adyn , what is wrong with anda ?! Obviously , nothing . Are anda just clueless atau stupid ? I think both . What happened so bad that a doctor called me saying something bad happened and mom and dad weren't picking up their phones ? Probably just a prank !!
Adyn: Well, if anda stop answering your own pertanyaan maybe I can explain ....
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
The selanjutnya Day

Lakye POV

I woke up all sore and I couldn't really talk so I was going to make some teh ..
Me: -walked downstairs-

As I walked downstairs it was pretty quiet everybody else were still sleeping.. So I got the teh ready and I was pouring the hot water in my cup .. when a pair of hands turned me around

M: looking good this morning
Me: ... -turned back around-
M: when I compliment anda .. anda -
Me: -threw the hot water in his face-
M: aghhhh! anda f-cking bitch!!
Me: -ran past him-
M: grabbed a wet towel and put it on his face

So I was running until he came

?? 9:
Me: -stopped dead...
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// @ The Studio //
Jalen POV
Man ever since Jennifer and Tyga broke up he's been akting so sad and I'm happy to see him like that .. Jennifer deserves somebody better all tyga wants is her goodies .. Ugh he makes me sick..
- Tyga phone rings-
T: hey wassup
??: nm anda still at the studio
T: yeah girl anda thirsty
??: yeah I'm gonna get some water..
T: laughs .. Well I'm going to finish this song up I'll txt anda l8tr
??: iight bye
T: bye

Me: who was that t?
T: a friend of mine her name is Shaine ( shy - an)
Me: oh well let's finish this song

// Out the Studio //
So I went halaman awal and Jen was knocked...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
In the middle of the night
(Leah POV )

-starts shivering uncontrollably-
Me: C-Christian ..
// Has Flashback //
Me: -opened closet-
??: hey baby
Me: what.. how- get the hell out of this house

Me: -started crying-

??: menggerutu, jalang listen to me you're going to sit here and be t'f quiet I have a pisau and I ain't afraid to use it ..

Me: -starts crying harder-

So I woke up to the sound of crying .. so I threw a tank puncak, atas on and went downstairs

Leah POV
C: Leah what's wrong
Me: -shivering holding the blanket-
I'm sorry I'm sorry it's all my fault -whimpering/crying-
C: No no it's...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Lakye POV
I woke up .. and Micheal was sleep right selanjutnya to me .. so I got up and went to the bathroom .. I looked in the mirror and saw that my bruises were still there I just was lebih cleaned up ..

So I walked downstairs and it was dead silent.. anda can hear a pin drop .. I knew something wasn't right .. so I turned around and nobody was standing behind me ... so I turned back around and BOOM!

?? 8: -choking me on the stairs-
Me: -trying to release his grip-
?? 8: -pulled out a mirror-
Me: -pushes him off-
What .. what are anda going to do with that??
?? 8: -breaks the mirror and walks towards me...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Me: Michael he did it he did it
I: Unique who's Michael?
Me: - shivering-
I: yeah who is he.. so I can laporan him
Me: No .. don't laporan him .. don't laporan him (x4) -whispering-
I: Unique if I don't then he'll just keep doing this over and over again
Me: I know.. I know but anda can't laporan him .. please don't
I: okay I won't
Me: I gotta go back .. I gotta go
I: woah woah woah!! Just spend the night here then anda can go in the morning
Me: okay.. thank.. thank you..
I: you're welcome
Me: I'm cold so cold in here
I: -laid behind me and wraps his arms around me-
Me: -falls asleep-

// The selanjutnya Morning...
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posted by adidachick143
early that morning Monae, Maniya and snugi got up at 6:45 and was ready for action, they drove down to the girls house and busted her car windows, went back halaman awal then came back waiting for they girl to leave they jumped out the car and jumped her , went back halaman awal an chilled
RayRay:how did it go
Monae: it went good
Roc: bro we just started something
RayRay: what u talkin bout
Roc: did u forget that stacy is jacob latimores cousin
RayRAy: (yell) are u serious? i forgot, man she got me JUMPED
Roc: i think thats him callin now, yup
ROC:yo bro wasup
Jacob: what chu mean was up my cuz berkata ur girl Maniya...
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posted by sweetieFTD
---- after the meet and greet--------

i got into kenedy's car then my phone rang

the way anda pull up in anda jeep
bumping all your beats shades on
with yo jays just to give me
something to eat anda the
man up in these streets but when it
comes to my jantung it dont mean a thang
hop up in my ride its hot as hell outside

i picked up my phone to see prods number i answered it
" can we come over " his voice ran threw the phone

"um sure " i berkata back to him

" ok we will be there " he berkata

about 30 min later kenedy and i pulled up to our house we walked in and sat on the dipan, sofa then the door bel, bell rang kenedy...
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there i was only 5 people away from my so called bestfriend my sister was just talking about how much she loves mb before i knew it i was standing infront of my so called friend and kenedy was just laughing "who can i make this out to oleh the ay anda beautiful" a voice berkata interupting my thoughts it was craig so now hes hitting on me i thought " oh so anda dont know who i am" i snapped
" no am i soupossed to " he berkata with a confused look in his eyes
" its zindia and thank anda very much" i berkata sarcasticly
--------------craigs pov------------
zindia that was my bestfriend since diaper days i alwsys...
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