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This mindless behavior fan art might contain kap, hood, pakaian luar, overclothes, pakaian, and kotak mantel.

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3 girls oleh the name of K'loni,Aaliyah&Yn who are getting bullied,abused,and nearly killled oleh there so called best friends:Craig,Chresanto&Raquan out of the whole group YN's the one thats getting hurt the most her brother is Raquan and seems to get know attention from him everyday she gets hurt and reliazez that Raquan isn't going to be there for her Raquan always says he's makan malam SORRY but he never seems to prove it
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-As soon as Roc goes in Gianna's room he kisses her neck and starts talking-

Roc: Its been a while baby. I've missed anda so much.

Gigi: Me too baby. I also can't believe senior tahun is over.

Roc: Yeah but you've changed. Let me see if anda can turn your thing around and shake it for daddy.

Gigi: Umm I don't think so bae.

Roc: Why not?

Gigi: *turns around*

Roc: *stands there shocked*

Gigi: Roc I'm sorry...*hangs her head down*

Roc: *hugs her and rubs her back* I'm not going anywhere. anda understand?? Chresanto Lorenzo Romelo August ain't leaving.

Gigi: Come lay down with me...please.

-He goes to the bed...
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 Valentines Girl..!♥♥
Valentines Girl..!♥♥
It seems like it was just yesterday...mindless behavior came out with their new song "My Girl"...They were just getting noticed oleh people just oleh that one AMAZING video..Now look at them they got their album out, clothing line, movie, ringpops, and many more...they have came soo far and its just amazing how far they have went..! And their career is just getting started!!! They are still very young and still have a road full of oppurtunities and obstacles waiting for the but they just dont know but these 4 boys are summ of the most amazing boys tht i have ever known and they are going to go...
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