Miley Cyrus has rebuilt her breasts? "No, it's all mine!"

Miley Cyrus has recently worn dresses with plunging necklines and roll over. Some say that her breast is rebuilt!

In the baru saja red carpet, Miley Cyrus showed off beautiful dresses with plunging necklines. Now rumors are about the possibility that Miley has rebuilt her breasts!Some doctors, respondents to assess the "authenticity" of the breast of Miley, Hannah Montana say that the former has undergone plastic surgery.

To put an end to these rumors, Miley diposting on her Twitter response: "Thanks for the compliment, but the breast is all mine. I wish they would realize that there is no need to be redone to be beautiful! "

Despite the rumors about her, Miley looks happy and deeply in cinta of his Liam Hemsworth, as he wrote on Twitter: "It was beautiful the other night, Liam? I felt like one of those kartun with hearts that go out of sight! "

In your opinion Miley has rebuilt the breast atau perhaps only the forms of a real woman?