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Michael Jackson Peace Mission


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“Why” this Michael Jackson Peace Mission website?

Michael has left us much too soon and now he isn’t able to continue his Work himself. With respect for Michael’s Legacy, Fans from all over the world are taking over his Work, they are carrying on MJ’s Legacy! If you are one of the millions of Fans who would like to make our world a better place then you can start right here today! The Michael Jackson Peace Mission website allows every MJ Fan to share his or her special tribute to Michael Jackson, from anywhere on Earth.

We know… there already are thousands of websites from Fans who continue Michael’s Work and Legacy in their very own way! So, with great respect for everyone’s dreams and visions, it can be of great value to know what’s happening in the world for Michael, his Message and in his name. At the Michael Jackson Peace Mission (MJPM) website you can find MJ’s Fans and what they do to continue Michael’s Legacy. link
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