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1993 Payout Plain And Simple **READ & SHARE!**


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Here's good quotes from it:

"The money paid to the Chandlers was not HIS money, it was insurance money and he had no control over the decision to settle. "

"MJ said in an interview with LMP in 1999 the reasons for the settlement was that he wanted to get on with his life and did not want to go through a trial- these are MJ’s emotions about going through a trial that was based on lies." (should be 1995 interview)

"Just because someone does not want to continue fighting, it does not mean they are guilty."

"There was no evidence against MJ to charge him with sexual misconduct to a minor, based on the interview with Jordan Chandler or else MJ would have been charged in 1993."

"It was decided during the ongoing investigation that MJ would not be charged with a crime due to lack of evidence, not because the settlement money was paid; there is no possibility that the money paid was “hush money” to avoid a criminal trial because the settlement payment did not cease investigation proceedings."
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