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Since the night that Ileanna and michael kissed, the two have been almost inseprable for the past week. Ileanna couldnt believe that this week would be his last week, she had been hoping it would only be at least an extra 3 to 4 days but, things change i guess. "Man i going to miss him so much once he leaves." Ileanna thought to herself as she stood at the dapur sink washing dishes. Just then her cellphone rang. Ileanna quickly turned of the water, dried her hands and quickly ran to pick up the phone. "Hello?", "Ileanna! girl where have anda been??? ive tried to call anda for the pass week and anda never answered my texts atau my vociemails, is something wrong?" Ann asked all in a tizzy. "Its ok Ann calm down, everything is fine ive just been....been busy thats all." Ileanna said. "Ileanna is their someothing going on i should know about?" Ann asked. "No why would anda think something is going on?", "Because anda not talking to me for a week is not like you, its unnatural....whats going on?" Ann asked. "I told anda already nothing is going on." Ileanna reassured her. They both become quiet for a brief moment. "Oh my god, i think i know whats going on here." Ann berkata breaking the slience. "What?", "You've been hanging out with michael havent you?" Ann asked. "Yes i have and is that a problem?" Ileanna replied. "No..but i find it funny how anda berkata anda didnt anda know like him like that." Ann said. "I dont like michael...-", "What do anda mean anda dont like him, you've been hanging out with him for the past week, its obvious something is going on between anda two." Ann berkata cutting Ileanna off. "Well if anda would have let me finish anda would have heard that i dont like michael i cinta him." Ileanna replied. Ann was caught completely off guard. "What?", "Yep anda heard me im in cinta with michael." Ileanna berkata happily. "Oh wow i cant believe it! and anda berkata anda wouldnt fall for him!" Ann said. Ileanna couldnt help but giggle. "Wow this is so great, i mean your freaking dating the king of pop! wow any girl would die to be in your place." Ann replied. "Yea i know....but theres a small problem." Ileanna replied. "What do anda mean?" Ann asked. "Well michael has to leave at the end of this week...and theres a chance i might not see him for awhile...or never again." Ileanna said. "Aw...i doubt that im sure anda two could call and write each other and then maybe one hari anda could pindah up to california to be with him." Ann sugguested. "Yea but that wont be the same." Ileanna replied. "Hey but its better than nothing." Ann replied. "Yea i guess your right...hey Ann i gotta go...im meeting michael in about an hour." , "Ok well take care, i hope anda make this best of this week with michael." ,"Trust me i will." , "Ok bye" , "Bye". Ileana hung up the phone, got ready and headed out to see michael.

Finally before Ileanna knew it, it was down to the wire, Michael was due to leave in two days. "Ugh! i dont want him to leave." Ileanna thought to herself as she made her way back to the arena. When she arrived michael was just finishing up the last rehersal before the stage was to be packed and moved off to the selanjutnya city. Ileanna sat and waited for a few menit as he wrapped up rehersal, once he was finished he came offstage and greeted Ileanna was a hug and a kiss. "Hey beautiful." Michael berkata with a smile. "Hey michael." Ileanna smiled. Michael and Ileanna then made their way to michael's trailer. "So um Ileanna would anda like to watch a movie?" Michael asked and they made their way into his trailer. "Um..michael can we talk really quick?" Ileanna asked. "Sure..whats wrong?" Michael asked as he sat on the couch. Ileanna sat selanjutnya to him. "Well its the fact that your leaving in two days...i mean how are we going to see one other?" Ileanna asked. "Well..im not sure bt we can still talk..just because we can see each other doesnt mean we have to stop loving each other." Michael said. "But michael what if anda know we both find someone else?" Ileanna asked. "Im not worried about that at all Ileanna because the only woman i could ever cinta is you, i could never cinta no other woman but you." Michael said. "But how..-" Ileanna was suddenly cut off guard oleh michael passinatly ciuman her. As they contiued to kiss, Michael picked up Ileanna and carried her to his bedroom and shut the door.

Ileanna awoke the selanjutnya morning to the sound of rain hitting the puncak, atas of the trailer. Ileanna looked up on the alarm clock that sat selanjutnya to the tempat tidur on the nightstand to see it was 7:30 in the morning. Ileanna rolled over to see that michael was still asleep. "He's so cute when he sleeps." Ileanna thought to herself. Ileanna then gave him a gentle ciuman on the nose, which caused him to wake up. "Good morning beautiful." Michael berkata as he gave Ileanna a passinate ciuman on the lips. "God how i am i going to get through the hari once anda leave?" Ileanna said. Michael softly touched her face, "Who berkata anda had to stay here?" Michael said. "What do anda mean?" Ileanna asked. "I probably shouldnt ask anda this but im going to anyway....come with me, travel the world with me." Michael replied. "What about my job..my house..my friends...and my family?" Ileanna asked. "You can tell them where your going, i mean nobody berkata anda had to stay in this town forever." Michael said. "I guess your right." Ileanna replied. "So will anda come with me?" Michael asked. "Of course." Ileanna smiled.......................

Part 12 coming soon :)
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