Michael loves to perform and travel...but feels lonely because he has no one to do it with ;(
The hari began as any other busy hari for 29 tahun old singer and preformer michael jackson. As usual he was up at the crack of dawn preparing to head out to the arena when he was due to perform that same night. "Man i need a break...nothing interseting happens really...i mean i see very beautiful places....but its no fun when your alone." Michael thought as he walked out of his trailer which was parked in the back of a huge arena. Michael took a deep breath of the crisp cool air before walking towards the arena. Little did michael know that not even a mile away someone like him was feeling the same way.....

Almost a mile away, 25 tahun old ileana wooten woke up to get ready to head to 9 to 5 job as an intern downtown. ileana of course was shy and didnt have many friends. She often felt lonley at times. "I wish i could do something fun for once...the everyday of getting up at the crack of dawn to work the boring 9 to 5 job is becomeing too much for me." ileana thought to herself as she took one last sip of her coffee before she got into the shower. After she took her mandi, shower and got dressed, she applied a small amount of makeup. She then gathered her things and her keys and headed out the door to head to work.

Once she arrived at work she clocked in as usual and began to walk up to her meja tulis, meja when her friend Ann came up behind her. "Hey ileana i have some really really REALLY good news!" Ann berkata with exciment. "And what could that possiably be?" ileana asked. "Two tickets and backstage passes for the michael jackson konser tonight!" Ann berkata happily as she flashed ileana the tickets and the backstage passes. "Oh my god how did anda get those?" ileana asked in shock. "I won them off a radio show." Ann said. "Omg! take me with you!" ileana berkata happliy as she grabbed anns arms and began to jump up and down. "Duh!!! why did anda think i told anda of course i want anda to go." Ann said. Her and ileana began to jump up and down happily like teenage girls going to see a boy band. Little did the notice that people in the office were starting to look at them like they were crazy. "Um...i think we need to tone it down a little." ileana berkata as she cleared her throat. " anda two need to calm down lebih than just a little, your akting like a bunch of teenage girls." their boss mrs. Wooden berkata coldly as she walked up to them. "we're sorry mrs.wooten...it wont happen again." Ann berkata as she tried to hide the tickets when Mrs. wooden saw them. "My what are these?" She asked as she took them from ann. "Huh...Michael Jackson eh???" She berkata as she studied them. "Umm...yeah." Ann said. "How much did anda spend on them?", "Well i won them but if i wiuld have payed for them it would have been like almost 300 dollars." Ann replied. "My...who would ever wanna pay that much money to see a man who thinks he's peter pan, and tries to make himself white?...honey i berkata dont waste your time." Mrs. Wooden berkata as she threw the tickets and the passes on the floor. Ann reached down and picked them up. "Get to work ladies." Mrs. wooden berkata coldly as she walked away. As she walked, Ann tried to lungged for her, but not before ileana stopped her. "Ann..let it go...just let it go." she berkata calmly. "Why do people talk about michael that way?" Ann berkata angrily. "Ann not everyone likes michael jackson ok....some people choose to believe those stupid stories...if they believe them let them...they just dont know what they are missing." ileana said. "Yea i guess your right ileana." Ann said. "I know i am." ileana smiled. "Well we better get to work." Ann said. "Yea i guess so" ileana said. "Hey ill see anda later around 7 since the konser starts at 8:30...ill pick anda up.", "Ok see anda then." Ileana berkata as they began to walk their seperate ways..............

Part 2 is coming soon!!!!

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