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1 Creeping Death
2 Master of Puppets
3 Seek & Destroy
4 Ride the Lightning
5 One
6 Battery
7 The 4 Horsemen
8 Welcome halaman awal (Sanitarium)
9 All Nightmare Long
10 Fade To Black
11 Sad But True
12 Orion
13 Motorbreath
14 ...And Justice for All
15 For Whom the bel, bell Tolls
16 Am I Evil?
17 Nothing Else Matters
18 Disposable Heroes
19 Hit the Lights
20 Enter Sandman
21 Helpless
22 Blackened
23 My Apocalypse
24 Fight api with Fire
25 St. Anger
26 King Nothing
27 No Remorse
28 Blitzkrieg
29 Wherever I May Roam
30 No Leaf Clover
31 Harvester of Sorrow
32 Damage Inc.
33 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
34 So What
35 Trapped Under Ice
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posted by irena83
Open to interpretation. That's what most metallica songs are.
Here's a metallica track oleh track from Kill 'Em All to the Black album according to rock scribe Vincent Cecolini.

KILL 'EM ALL (Megaforce, 1983)

- "Hit The Lights"- An auspicious opening to their legendary debut, the song also appeared in rougher form on the Metal Massacre I compilation before either Cliff burton atau Hammett joined. A great opener for the band's early live shows, lyrically the song is immature oleh present hari metallica standards and is now rarely performed.

- "The Four Horseman"- The original version of this Metallica...
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posted by irena83
"The Call of Ktulu" was Metallica's detik instrumental song, following the first instrumental "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth" from Kill 'Em All. The song working judul was originally "When Hell Freezes Over".
The idea of the song "The Call of Ktulu" is based upon H.P. Lovecraft's book The Shadow over Innsmouth which was first introduced to the rest of the band oleh Cliff Burton. The song's name was taken from one of H.P. Lovecraft's main stories featuring Cthulhu, The Call of Cthulhu, which was written in 1928 for the magazine Weird Tales. The name "Ktulu" is originally written "Cthulhu" oleh H.P....
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