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Omg!!!!! anda have got to watch this video now!!!! IT'S SOOOOO SICK!!!!! XD Enjoy!!!! (: <3
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matty b is a fun and up beat guy. he likes to rap and dance. he has some really cool hats. he has one little sister that has a disorder. he is ten and was born january 6, 2003. he started raping when he was five when his 19 tahun old cousin that is a rapper moved in his house and they did a song and his musik career took off on youtube. matty b has millions of fan but his number one bgirl is his little sister. i dont know his bboy atau how many brothers he has one brother is joshuawhich people call him jeebs. now he has a youtube channel and alot of youtube videos. my favorit covor that he does is one thing and want u back.
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