fyi this was written in my blood
Okay, hoes, bitches, and everything in between, I need a bit of help with something.

So, I want to make edits of us shippers, but I need anda guys to help me with what each person looks like. Like such as,(and the Iraqs) what disney character they look like. It doesn't have to be exact offcourse, but just the closest (like Alice & Aurora for Mares). Us shippers all know what the others look like, so there's no issue there. I need characters for:
-Hajirah ( i know she isn't here but idc)

I do not need any ideas for Mary, because as stated above, there's already Alice, Aurora, and Punzie for that. Same for dicksnozzle Jason. :3

Thank you, and have an asstastic™ day.
our dear mary