Mariposa Region RPG Great News!

zutaradragon posted on May 02, 2016 at 10:24PM
Ok, so this spot has basically died out but I feel like I should at least keep it up to date...
Anyways, there is a small chance of this becoming an actual game! I have a friend that's making sprites, another that's decent at making games that said he'll give it a shot, and so all that's left is music which may or may not be covered by another friend. I'm working extra hard to get all of the pokemon at least drawn out so I can then focus on Dex entries.
I don't think I'm gunna bother with shinies unfortunately, simply because of how massive this is.
For those keeping track, the amount of pokemon is climbing, and I have somewhere around 40 more pokemon I'm gunna be drawing out.
From there I plan to focus on Dex entries and perhaps make more pokemon if I need to, as I intend to have at LEAST 150.
If u have any story ideas lemme know in the comments, so far pretty much all of the story I have is more likely to be post-game stuff...

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