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poet marilyn monroe .have anda ever read marilyn monroe's poetry?

Life -
I am of both your directions
Existing lebih with the cold frost
Strong as a cobweb in the wind
Hanging downward the most
Somehow remaining
Those beaded rays have the warna
I've seen in paintings - ah life
they have cheated you...

thinner than a cobweb's thread
sheerer than any-
but it did attach itself
and held fast in strong winds
and sindged oleh leaping hot fires
life - of which at singular times
I am of both your directions -
somehow I remain hanging downward the most
as both of your directions pull me.
left my halaman awal of green rough wood,
A blue velvet couch.
I dream till now
A shiny dark semak, bush
Just left of the door.

Down the walk
Clickity clack
As my doll in her carriage
Went over the cracks-
"We'll go far away."


Don't cry my doll
Don't cry
I hold anda and rock anda to sleep
Hush hush I'm pretending now
I'm not your mother who died.


Help Help
Help I feel life coming closer
When all I want is to die
From time to time
I make it rhyme
but don't hold that kind
of thing against me-
Oh well what the hell
so it won't sell
what I want to tell-
is what's on my mind
taint Dishes
taint Wishes
it's thoughts
flinging oleh
before I die
and to think
in ink

 fiyona posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Gabri3la said:
I cinta her poems <3
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
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