Maria&Jєnn♥ ♥How to learn (Nat) speaking Greek♥!

KaterinoulaLove posted on Apr 07, 2010 at 09:29AM
♥Nat is my soulmate! It goes without saying that she has to learn some greek! And I'll learn some danish too ^^ (yay sure!! xD)
So here it is my original soulmate! ( :'( <----tears of happiness ) ur demand is my order! xD I couldn't just do it from props cause we need a well-prepared educational system ;D
me and maria had took care of that!!! :-D

~Lessons start when our goldfish come here:D
~Progress will be shown every week;)
I'll take care of that :)
~After a month u'll have a test to check how much attention u pay to us :D
~And of course everyone else who wants to learn some greek can come;)
Applications will be learned by Maria.She's the one who asnwers them:)

FOr further information we'll be back :D

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