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posted by shell_bee9
With his angelic smile
our eyes meet
we stare for awhile
my jantung skips a beat

could this be,am i falling for my best friend?
would this tortured longing ever end?
My jantung is bursting at the seamse
for he is the bintang in all of my dreams

O lord what should i do?
Does he feel the same way to?

I remember when we were young playinng in a pool
Now,we're crushing on eachother in highschool

brrng!brrng! the class ends
should we just stay friends?
jantung ache is what i'm afraid of!
But what if this is true love?

He comes up to me, we talk for a bit
now he's on a knee, could this be it?

"Pardon me lovely machiere
could anda ever fall for a guy like me?
I think we both should take a chance
Would anda be my tanggal for the dance?"

To be continued........
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