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cinta is something that we cannot see, hear, smell, touch atau taste. We can only feel it as best we can. cinta is infinite. There is no end.
It's something that a human cannot decide upon atau change. anda can't make yourself cinta someone atau make yourself not cinta someone. If anda feel it, then anda know it.
cinta is unpredictable. anda don't know when it will hit anda atau when it won't. It'll just happen. It's like finding a five dollar bill on the street: It'll be hard to find, but anda will, in time.
anda can't wait for love. anda can't strive hard to find it. Just try, but don't put your all in it. Cause cinta will want to hit anda when anda are least expecting it.
When anda are in cinta with someone anda don't try to please them. anda don't buy them fancy things, atau anything materialistic. anda just cinta them as best anda can.
When anda find someone anda cinta deeply but anda can't have, all anda can do is be happy for them. Don't try to win them over. If anda really cinta them, you'd let them be happy. What ever that happiness may be.
cinta is the only thing in this world that keeps man-kind together. It is what's holding us together. Without it, where would be be?

It's the brief and simple definition of love. People make cinta so complicated, when it's as simple as that.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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posted by Dorito23
So as I sit here thinkin about <3YOU<3 i wonder...
Does she stare at your texts thanking God that <3YOU<3 texted her? Does she just stare at your yearbook picture until she swore it blinked? Does she know your birthday oleh heart? Does she think about anda until she goes to sleep at night? Are <3YOU<3 the song that wont stop playing in her head? Does she leave at a certain time just to see <3YOU<3 before your girlfriend does? Does she think every color looks good on you? Does she still cinta anda no matter what people say? Does she treasure every time <3YOU<3 talk to...
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posted by reneemonique
I'm lost in confusion and self-bliss, it once was a dream and maybe it still is,
I've found the relation between a dream and a wish.
Dream is a fantasi lived only when a sleep,
But a wish is a thought delved into the deep.
As your mind wanders aimlessly searching for life,
But a wish is a simple thing that will regain your strife.
You have become a fantasi in the strangeness of my eyes,
I will never believe any of the self indulgent lies.
With the breath of each day, I wish for your sight,
Visions of loveliness turned into dreams at night.
I have longed for your love, you're just as cheerful in sight,...
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posted by LibbyLolli
Once upon a time, I was falling in love. We were a happy couple, blind to the troubles of the world around us. He was perfectly shaped for me, and I for him. He was the sun for my darkest night. I only felt complete when I was with him. The times we had together were the some of the best memories I ever had. We laughed, we hugged, we kissed. We spent hours in his room atau mine, playing our secret lover games. We talked on the phone into the early hours about anything and everything. There were no secrets between us. I knew what made him happy, what made him sad, what kept him running when it seemed impossible. Once upon a time, I was falling in love. Now I'm only falling apart.
posted by twilightlova13
anda would think that living is pretty easy. anda wake up hari to hari and do a normal routine. Sometimes it is thrown off balance but anda just adapt to it. We are built that way. But sometimes some people have a glitch. I'm one of those people. I worry too much about small things, i never have just one emotion running through my body, i can't tell what cinta is because whenever i think i know what it is it slaps me in the face and the hurt and leaves a scar. cinta is hard for me. I've been hurt some many times oleh love. Sometimes i think just giving up life would be much easier than suffering the way i am now. Even though people may not cinta me, i still cinta those people anyhow. I want anda so much but i feel like anda don't care. Sometimes it's just easier to give up and not live at all.
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