lost Favourite fight/attack?

Pick one:
Sawyer vs. Sayid (Pilot)
Jin vs. Michael (House Of The Rising Sun)
Sawyer vs. Boone & Jack (Confidence Man)
Jack vs. Ethan (All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)
Locke attacking Sayid (Confidence Man)
Boone vs. Locke (Hearts & Minds)
Michael vs. Boone (Special)
Sawyer & Michael vs. Jin (...In Translation)
Jack vs. Locke (The Greater Good)
Rosseau stealing Aaron from Claire (Exodus)
The Others attacking The Rafties (Exodus)
Tailies vs. Rafties (The Other 48 Days)
Jin vs. Eko (...And Found)
Ana-Lucia vs. Goodwin (The Other 48 Days)
Sayid vs. Eko & Ana-Lucia (Collision)
Locke vs. Charlie (Fire + Water)
Charlie kidnapping Sun (The Long Con)
Rosseau shooting Ben "Henry" with an panah (One Of Them)
Sayid torturing Ben (One Of Them)
Hurley vs. Sawyer (Dave)
Ana-Lucia vs. Ben (Two For The Road)
Eko headbutting Locke (?)
The Others vs. Karl (A Tale Of Two Cities)
Sawyer vs. The Others (The Glass Ballerina)
Ben vs. Sawyer (Every Man For Himself)
Pickett vs. Sawyer (Every Man For Himself)
Alex vs. The Others (I Do)
Desmond vs. Charlie (Flashes Before Your Eyes)
Sayid vs. Mikhail (Enter 77)
Kate vs. Bea (Enter 77)
Nikki vs. Paulo (Exposé)
Kate vs. Juliet (Left Behind)
Jin vs. Mikhail (D.O.C)
Locke vs. Mikhail (The Man Behind The Curtain)
Sayid tackling Karl (Greatest Hits)
Charlie hitting Desmond with the dayung (Greatest Hits)
Jack vs. Ben (Through The Looking Glass)
Kate and Juliette
Kate and Juliette
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