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 Kate Austen
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I'm not sure if this subject has really been touched on yet, but I would like to bring it up. I've noticed this for quite a long time now. It seems like there a lot characters in the tampil that have had/have problems with their dad. The lebih and lebih characters I realized had this in commmon, the lebih interested I became. Here, in somewhat brief descriptions, are most of what I could think of.
- Jack: dad was an alcoholic, had family he didnt know about(Claire), dad died, sees dad on island
- Kate: blew up her real dad, dad abused her and her mother
- Locke: dad was never around, dad steals his...
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sawyer son of a menggerutu, jalang kutipan from season 1 2 and 3
season 3
season 1
season 2
"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.94) "Everybody Hates Hugo"

Unless I am mistaken, Season Two of "LOST" is not very populer with the show's fans. This season expanded on the Hatch (DHARMA angsa, swan Station) subplot that was touched upon in the detik half of Season One. This season introduced a tiresome running joke surrounding the Michael Dawson character. And it also featured the introduction of the survivors from Oceanic 815's Tail Section, which included the unpopular character, Ana-Lucia Cortez. In some way, the fourth episode - (2.04) "Everybody Hates Hugo" - seemed to be some kind of manifestation of...
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