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This lost foto might contain daun and mulsa.

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(since the sebelumnya winner didn't get back to me, I interviewed Nanda instead.)

1. To begin with, why and when did anda get into Lost?

Well, I started very late (during s5-s6 hiatus). Originally I was going to start it when s3 was airing because I was in cinta with JJ Abrams (little did I know he had pretty much nothing to do with Lost). But a fake story made me angry with Lost, that it was responsible for JJ leaving Alias. So I started to hate the tampil even without watching it *hides*
Then I met Emily (Emm_xD) and the only thing she talked about was Lost, haha. Eventually that got to me and I started...
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As many of anda may know Daniel Faraday departed from our screens on lost a few days ago. It is not 100% confirmed that he is dead but I think form the last episode we can assume he is.

Now Daniel was one of my favourite characters from the moment he arrived on the island in the final few detik of "4x01 The Beginning of the End". Straight away I could tell that he was going to be such an influential, inspirational and awesome character. The selanjutnya episode gave us a lot lebih of Dan and built his character. He was quirky yet intelligent and very mysterious. Throughout the fourth series Dan made...
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ok I idn't know at first who exactly told them atau how did they know about it .I thought that may be they just wanted to make sure.but, I was wacthing the final episode "again" the other hari , I noticed that when Ben told Jack all of anda have to go back Jack told him "Kate is not even talking to me" . Ben told him that he can take care of that .so I remembered the sneak peak I saw .I started thinking is it possiable that he told them about Kate , so she agrees and go back with them .And I thought hey it's Ben he can do everything .I started to look for other explnation ,like if Claire's mother told them,but how did she know that he's not Kate's baby beside when Claire was pregnent her mother was in a comma which means she doesn't even know that her daughter was pregnent . But I also thought about Jack telling them for the same reason why Benwould tell them .
It's the only explnation I have if anda have an other theory please tell me .
Happy new tahun everybody
As all of anda know when Ben turned the Frozen donkey wheel he was banished from the island and was moved 10 months in the future.
Then many theories were pointing to where did the island go well here's mine:
anda Can see in the promo that there were strange
people Carrying WW1 guns and WW1 Clothes [Correct me if I am wrong] then maybe the island moved 90 years in the past and to wherever the WW1 Took place .
Now... if that is correct then Ben is only trying to return to the island himself oleh convincing Jack that it happened "Because he Left" and he has to go back.
If I am Right Then he probably killed "Jeremy Bentham" to prevent him from Telling the truth.

This is my theory Don't forget the komentar good atau bad Don't forget it.
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