Congratulations Maria!
Thank anda soo much all guys for voting for me!:D

1. Standart Question: When and how did anda get into Lost?
Well, I first saw lost on greek tv.(when S4! was on American tv) It was a S1 episode. I loved it so much! So I found all the epidodes that America tv has shown and started watching them! I watched 3,5 whole seasons in a week!! Best week of my life! Lol:D

2. What's special about Lost?
Hmm so many things! Well, I think that the characters are really special and unique. Everyone is different and lovable!
I also cinta the destiny/fate part of the show!

3. Your favourite (and why?):
Season:I think S3. Because things start getting lebih complicated and interesting(others, etc) and we see strong relationships between the characters.
Episode:That's so hard!I'm gonna say the “Looking through the glass”.The only episode I cried while watching it.. The Incident was amazing too!
Character:Oh there are 4! Charlie, Jack, Locke, Richard. Locke & Richard are so strong personalities. But Jack & Charlie are sooo sweet! Ι'm in cinta with them since the first episode!
Couple:I adore Charlie&Claire. They're both so cute. I feel like they're meant to be together. Unluckily lost producers don't have the same opinion!=P
Frienship:Charlie and Hurley! Adorable duo!

4. Which moment in the tampil is...?

The Funniest:Hurely “Dude, anda got some Arnst on your shoulder..” Hilarious!:D
The Most Romantic: I'm gonna go with a Jate scene<3 When they're back halaman awal and Kate says to Jack “I'm so glad anda changed your mind. I'm so glad that you're here.” and he says “Me too” and then the kiss...and anda know the rest!;)
The Sadest: Charlie's dead:( Especially when he wrote 'Not Penny's Boat' on his hand,, I just couldn't hold my tears.
The Most Shocking: Real Locke is in the coffin! O.o
Your Favourie: There are many. When Jack berkata to Kate “Because I cinta you”, When Charlie gave Claire the imaginary kacang butter, The first Jate scene, When Penny and Desmond talked to the phone after 3 years, The Suliet scene in the Incedent...

5. Your least favourite couple and character?
That's the easiest pertanyaan oleh far! I always hated Skate.Many people are probably calling me crazy now, but I find it a really stupid couple!And character,-->Ben! This man is nothing but a creepy killer & liar!

6. anda can bring back one character, but somebody else have to die. What do anda do?
Ok anda all know the answer guys! I'd bring back Charlie!:D And I'd kill (my first thought was) Ben... However the tampil wouldn't be that interesting without a creepy bad guy! So,, can I change my answer? I'd kill..(that was harder than i thought!) Jacob's enemy/non-Locke!xD

7. Do anda have any theory about Series Finale? What's the most crazy theory anda ever heard?
I think that losties are gonna go back to the airport, get into the plain which never crashes and I have no idea what's next!:P I don't think that they're gonna reach their destination normally:\\
Craziest theory:The island is a testing ground for binatang to see if polar bears can live in tropical environments!

8. What’s the one mystery that anda can’t wait to be solved?
What the heck happened after this ~wow~ white flash!?!

9. If anda could meet one cast member of Lost, who would it be?
Can I say two?! It's a tie! Mat & Dom<3 Ok I'll pick Dom coz he's extremely funny & lovely & sweet & everything! I cinta him=)

10. I know lost is your absolutelly favourite show, but are there any other shows anda enjoy to watch and anda could recomend to us?
Well, I don't really watch it: -only when I see it playing on tv- Friends! It's so funny!

11. Corssover time! Which character from different tampil should appear in S6? And Why?
Hmm, I think that Fiby from friends would suit excellent to the island! She always find her way to solve a problem, and have fun! I also think that she would make a good couple with Hurley! He needs a fun woman to forget his problems;)

12. What do anda think about Jack's plan? Will it work?
Unfortunately yeah. I think he'll manage to never meet Kate! I find it so stupid. Why would he do that?... But maybe things don't have to be this way. Maybe losties are gonna meet each other in a way... Who knows?!

13.If anda could play one character in lost who would it be?
I would cinta to play Charlie! But I'm a girl! So, I think it would me Juliet. She is a dynamic but also so sweet woman. She always participates in missions and stuff!

14. Is there anything anda hate\dislike about Lost?
No no no!

15. Which are your favourite kutipan from Lost?
Aw let's see! “Not Penny's Boat”(not exactly a quote), “Everything happens for a reason”, “See anda in another life brotha!”, “Live together, die alone”, “Guys, where are we?”(epic!)... There are so many!

16. How do anda feel about lost coming to its end soon?
Saaaaad!:( As I berkata before I don't really watch other shows so it'd be so hard for me to live without lost!<33 :'(
Charlie and Claire <3