This is for Lormel. One of our role play's.

In a peaceful land, was a glorious kingdom. Everyone in this kingdom was safe, happy. Especially the king and queen. Because both, we expecting a little someone.
Emerald: *breathing heavily*
Blade: *holding her hand* Just one lebih push honey....
Emerald: *pushes, screaming*
Then, they both hear the cry of their child* Emerald: Blade...another baby!!
Blade: *eyes widen, and helps her* Push!
Emerald: *Pushing, turning red, sweating heavily*
*hours later*
Emerald: *holding two beautiful girls*
Blade: They are gorgeous...
Emerald: They are...*gently kisses their small heads* Lets name them....Amber....and Sakuma....
Blade: *smiles* I cinta that
From this hari forward, Blade and Emerald, will expect something from their daughters in the future, that will shock them horribly.