On the school days, I wake up early at 6:00 A.M. and get dressed while listening to the radio. After Im dressed, I do my hair and brush my teeth, after that I do my makeup.
Then I leave for school, and ride the bus to Travis Middle School.
Once Im on school grounds, Im greeted oleh my freinds, Sage, Madison, Cing, and Celeaste. I talk with them until its time to go inside the gym.
I sit down and wait for about 30 menit for us to be dissmissed to our classes.
Like a normal student I attend all of my classes and try the best I can to make goo grades.
I sneak online whenever I can.
I wait all hari to get to Exploring Careers and Keyboarding so I can go on the Chrome buku and go on my email and Fanpop.
I hope thats enough information.
I dont want to get mch into my soical life.
Stay cool anda guys!