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pilihan fans: Baze
pilihan fans: jones is cuter:)
jones is cuter:)
oh yes bug is hotter:)
pilihan fans: Yes
I hope so
pilihan fans: No.
pilihan fans: Math
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1 fan jawab pertanyaan ini
1 fan jawab pertanyaan ini
1 fan jawab pertanyaan ini
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Inevasayneva002 berkata …
i luved lux, then i hated her, then i loved her, and honestly i think lux deserves someone so better. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
neofly berkata …
I know I just diposting down below but I have something to say. I truley cinta this show. I like it because it's different and heartwarming and funny and intense and has it's own way to relate to people. The cast is amazing even tho its fake anda believe every detik of it. I have tryd to save so many shows before this with people and failed. But this could be a chance to win. So if anda cinta this tampil like I do and would do anything to get a movie atau a season 3 please help. It would mean alot. Thanks diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
neofly berkata …
I cinta this tampil and people are trying hard for a season 3 on Face book and twitter. Just type the name of the tampil into either atau both and come help save this tampil and get a season 3 please. It would be great if we got full closer with this tampil because no one i know is ready to let go. So if anda can please help and sprea the word. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
ggdelena komentar…
don't think that will happen because the other cast member are already in new shows lebih dari setahun yang lalu