Leyton Family<3 (Continuing My Crazy Poling :P) Acak Lyrics I Cinta Oleh Onerepublic ;; Your Favorite?

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anda got something i need, in this world full of people there's one killing me
honey don't anda be afraid, if we got nothing we got us
and if we only live once, i wanna live with anda
with all the faces anda were the one selanjutnya to me
if i lose myself tonight it will be oleh your side
hope if everybody runs anda choose to stay
hope that anda fall in cinta and it hurts so bad
with every broken bond i swear i lived
every glance is killing me
stop and stare i think i'm moving but i go nowhere
do anda see what i see?
no lebih counting dollars, we'll be counting stars
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