Leyton Family<3 {Because my newest obsession, and yes weird} My puncak, atas 15 historical figures portrayed in fiction; your favorite/you think you'd like/like already from history?

Pick one:
1) Mary Tudor {The Tudors}
2) Isabel Neville {The White Queen}
3) Elizabeth of York {The White Queen/Princess}
4) Anne Neville {The White Queen}
5) George Plantaganet {The White Queen}
6) Anne Boleyn {The Tudors}
7) Richard III {The White Queen}
8) Henry Tudor (VII) The White Queen/Princess}
9) Francis II
10) Mary Stuart
11) Elizabeth I {The Tudors}
12) Anne Boleyn {The Other Boleyn Girl}
13) Marie Antoinette {Marie Antoinette}
14) Charles Brandon {The Tudors}
15) Jane Seymour {The Tudors}
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