Leyton Family<3 My favorit kutipan for the couples that got nominated for me ; your favorit quote?

Pick one:
"I won't share your bed. Not until anda want me to."
"I don't regret loving you. Only the things I've done to hide it."
"There are times when I look at anda and I still can't believe you're real."
"I don't want to marry the Frey girl." "I don't want anda to marry her."
"His life really changed when he met a spy named Sarah. He fell in love."
"Robb, his brother and best friend and constant companion."
"It was Robb she wept for."
"I was also trained to kill my enemies." "As was I."
"Why are anda so sweet on me, Clarence?" "I don't know."
"I could be your family." "You wouldn't be my family. You'd be m'lady."
"There will be people lining up for you." "Like who?" "I think you'll know."
"You're the one thing that has kept me from giving up."
"I loved you."
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