Okay okay, who hasn't rated their favorit and least favorit princes?!! Here's my personal list.

9. Shang. Ew. Enough said. I hate Mulan!

8. Aladdin. Always getting into trouble, doesn't seem trustworthy. He looks like a 13 boy going through puberty! Ick.

7. Prince from Snow White...with no name. Obviously I feel the same way the rest of anda do, he doesn't have anything to him. Although, I do wonder, where did anda guys get the whole lipstick thing? He's just pale. Silly hat.

6.Prince Charming. I don't have a problem with him, he's just shallow.

5. Naveen. Full of it. What makes him special?!! He doesn't do anything noteworthy!

4. Eric. I hate the Little Mermaid but he is hot. And he's willing to fight for the stupid girl.

3. Phillip. Dashing, funny, and in a good way, clueless. Plus, he's not super sticky Mr. Ultra Charm dude.

2. John Smith and John Rolfe. I LIKE THEM BOTH!!! In the first movie John Smith is hot, he's got personality, and he'll fight for her. But in the detik he wimps out. So John Rolfe is my favorit in the second. I hate it when they have two good guys both in cinta with the gal. Grr.

1. The Beast. NO, HIS NAME IS NOT ADAM!!! *crunch* Yeah, I know someone out there came up with that idea, it's wrong. Besides, can't anda come up with a better name?!! All he goes oleh is "the Beast." So he doesn't have an official name, he's my favorit anyway. I cinta him as a beast but I cinta him as a human prince even more. His voice is liquid gold! He fought for Belle but would do anything for her, including let her go. Truly, he is Disney's best.

Thank anda for reading! Sorry if I stepped on any toes. Feel free to chime in, I'd like to hear what anda guys think.