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posted by devil_in_love
Rima: there is kyoya ciuman a girl
Nagi : I do not care let us have fun
Yaya : ya
Amu:let us play volley ball
Everyone ya
Rima let us play in the water
Everyone ya
Amu:let us eat ice cream
Everyone ok
Nagi :let us sit down
Nagi: I need your Apennine
Amu: about
Nagi wich boy is better for me to tanggal
Yaya: did they ask you
Nagi no but I will ask them
Rima ok
Amu how about ryuga his hot
Nagi he is hot but he is kind tuff
Yaya : how about masmunea
Nagi he is nice but anda seem to like him
Rima:how about tsubasa
Nagi: anda like him anda think I don not know
After a long time of how about
Rima :we told...
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posted by Julie-alice
'owooo ,owoo,owoo'.Nikora yelled as Demore was wrapping a band-aid around an ankle.'Stop moving atau i won't be able to membungkus, bungkus this properly'. He said.

'Well then stop hurting me'. Nikora said.'Oky its done'. Demore said,'I think anda should rest'.Nile suggested.'Yeah , I should'. Nikora agreed.She closed her eyes and the three boys stared at her. 'What? Can't a girl get rest'. She asked.

'Sorry, go to sleep'. Nile berkata and left.

Just then Nikora started to dream about someone hitting the dinding and trying to break into the house.She woke up and she knew she she was'nt d dreaming , she spotted Nile and...
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kyoya tategami
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posted by devil_in_love
Nagi:*looks up* ginka
Ginka : sorry about that
Nagi : no it is all my fault I was thinking about something
Ginka what was is
Nagi nothing I mportanet
Ginka : soo can I hear the song
Nagi: what song
Ginka :for musik class
Nagi : omg a totally forgot
Ginka : anda are in trouble
Nagi I know I got to go bey
Ginka bye
At school
*kyoya and natsumi making out in lunch*
Ryuga : stop anda tow I am trying to eat
Ginka : for once I agree with ryuga
Kyoya: anda are just jealous
Ryuga : anda are going down
Ginka : ooh ya
Benki : do not touch kyoya
Ryuga : shut up anda are just a fan boy
*a fight start *
Natsumi : kick there...
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posted by devil_in_love
beyblade cinta story

Nagi: hello amu
Amu: hey nagi
Nagi: want to go to the beach
Amu: sure can I invite yaya and rima
Nagi sure I was going to invite them
Amu : I am going to call them
Nagi: ok meet anda there
Amu : no let me come to anda ok
Nagi :ok
Later in the car
Nagi : hey amu do anda have karaoke
Amu : ya
Rima : what song should we play
Yaya : five finger to the face
Amu : ok
Nagi : anda know I want anda cuse girl I really want anda
Amu : and anda looking nice
Yaya : got me alat pendingin, pendingin than a bag of ice
Everyone: now freez frezz freez
Rima :now go
Nagi : draving fast then moveing real slow
Amu oh what
Yaya: you...
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"Its okay..calm down...",Tsubasa berkata as he hold my hand. A tear rolled down my cheek and fell on his shirt. "Its..okay...he's not going to do anything to you...",Gingka said. "Hey..Kyoya...what's up guy...?",Masamune asked. "Good...",Kyoya replied as he gave a dangerous smile. "Well...we got a new friend..",Yu said. "I know...",he replied. "Her name is..",Kenta said. "I know no excitement..",Kyoya berkata intrupting Kenta's talk. "Oh..really..that's great..",Yu shouted.
Kyoya walked to me. " are anda doing?..",he asked as he meneruskan, ke depan his one hand to shake. "Hi...I am good...thanks...
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kyoya tategami
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kyoya tategami
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