anda were a highschool student at Touou high, and anda were on the girl's bola basket team. anda were the best one on your team. And anda were also famous for your dunks despite your small posture, so anda were the ace.

"Should I have the teriyaki burger, atau the takoyaki today?" anda berkata as your (e/c) eyes scanned the rest of the menu. Then anda finally decided, "I'll have the teriyaki burger, please!" anda said, as anda raised your index finger in the air to grab the attention if one of the lunch ladies. "You're lucky, kiddo this is the last one." One of the lunch ladies said. Then the atmosphere around anda changed from busy, to just plain creepy, as a huge shadow loomed onto you. Then anda slowly turned your head around to see who it was. anda had to tilt your head quite a bit, because the man standing right selanjutnya to anda with the darkest blue hair, eyes, and tan skin was HUGE. "Oi, (y/n)-chan, that burger is mine." He berkata with menacing eyes that made your stature seem even smaller. But anda firmly said, "Well, excuse me, this is mine. If anda want your precious burger back, you'll have to membagi, split it with me." Then the man looked at anda with a confused look. "Fine. But only if anda give me the bigger half." "And hey. How do anda know my name, but however, I don't even have a clue what yours is?" anda berkata tilting your head, putting your hands on your hips, and making a pouting face. Then the man blushed a little bit. "I'm Aomine." Aomine berkata with his head tilted to he side, and rubbing his dark blue hair with his hand. "Well Aomine, c'mon, we got to go eat." anda berkata with your (h/c) hair flipping a bit as anda turned around on your heel, making the cafeteria floor squeak. Then anda ask, "And hey. I also asked anda earlier how anda knew my name." anda continue to walk and, and anda find a meja with your friends, and the Touou team is there too. "(y/n)!" (F#1) shouts. Then (f#2), and (f#3) wave too. Then someone grabs your shoulder. "(Y/n)-chan, I know your name 'cause I'm on the boy's bola basket team." Aomine says distracting,y as if he's trying to pull anda away from your friends. "I'm on the girl's. Huh. oleh any chance, are anda the ace of your team?" anda say questioningly. Then Aomine says smiling, "Yep. The only person who can beat me, is me." Then anda smirk. "Then how about a one on one?" anda reply. "Maybe I'm your record breaker." "I don't play with girls." Aomine says straightforwardly as he pokes your forehead. Then anda smile again, bringing out your creepy side. "Then that just means you're too scared to play against girls." Then anda hear Aomine shudder quite a bit, but he then brings back his straight posture, and replies, "Bring it on, (y/n) chan." He says as he bends over and brings his face into yours. Then, electricity sparks between your devilish-like faces.