Let me tell anda about Hanamiya Makoto. He’s 17, a detik tahun in Kirisaki Daiichi high school, which is a rich private school known for some of the highest promotion rates in Tokyo, which already means that either he’s smart, dirty rich atau both. He also pretty much took over the whole damn club after his first tahun and got the coach to quit, then became the captain and student coach for his bola basket team in his detik year. Not just captain. Not just coach.BOTH.

He went to middle school with Imayoshi Shouichi whom we all know is not only badass but also intelligent, and Imayoshi acknowledges Hanamiya as a goddamn genius not only in bola basket but also in general which is saying a lot considering this is practically recognition from the devil himself. Hanamiya aces tests and gets #1 scores without even studying. Hanamiya breaks people’s fucking lives and legs and careers without being caught ever. Hanamiya is a GOOD CAPTAIN BECAUSE HE EARNED THE RESPECT AND LOYALTY OF HIS ENTIRE GODDAMN TEAM ENOUGH THAT THEY’D LET HIM DRAG THEM DOWN INTO HELL WITH HIM AND THEY’D STILL FOLLOW HIS ORDERS AND THEY STILL WOULDN’T tikus ON HIM. AND THIS ISN’T OUT OF FEAR, BECAUSE THEY STILL HAVE THE GALL TO MESS AROUND AND SASS HIM, THEY GENUINELY LIKE AND TRUST HIM.

Hanamiya isn’t any normal cheater, oh hell naw, he is a cheater with brains and class. and not only that- he is talented, who can pull off floater shots and steal that b-ball like nobody’s business, predicting their damn pass routes and intercepting them every damn time. He clearly has enough talent on his own that he doesn’t need to cheat to win his games, he actually just hurts people for the fun and giggles. He doesn’t give a damn about this game, he just likes seeing people get hurt and give up and he enjoys it. It isn’t about winning, it isn’t about revenge, it’s just about having a laugh at the expense of others’ dreams. He’s the most evil anda can get, the least empathetic being in all of satan’s circles of hell, and he not only accepts, but revels and thrives in it!!!!

also, his eyebrows are like tadpoles and he clearly doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them.

Hanamiya makoto is evil and amazing.
By: hanamiyass