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I was running as fast as I could possibly go. But it wasn't easy when anda had just been staked in the ribs. They were gaining now. I had to try harder. Boy was I getting too old for this!

I could kick myself. Why the hell had I done it? Like the stupid thing was any use to me anyway. Of course I knew why I had done it: boredom and a sumber of entertainment. These two things were precisely the reason why I had done many of the things I had done in my 1000 years of existence.

Now I was running from werewolves. anda could say I was on their "most wanted list" which was definitely not a good thing. manusia serigala hunted in packs and are a very loyal species. It was impossible to know how much of them were after me. Of course I was no stranger to being on the run which is why I never really had any real relationships. Before this…well that was a very long story indeed…
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