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“Caroline, I want anda to be happy and I saw how happy anda were with him. That’s why I was pissed. Because I never saw anda that happy with me. He can give anda the life anda want Carol, I can’t. He can provide anda an expensive life in a big city, away from this little world of ours. Don’t anda get it? That’s what anda want. He was right. A small town boy, a small town world will never be enough for you.”

Tyler’s last words to Caroline were strolling around in her brain and she had nothing to do about it. Klaus was right selanjutnya to her, trying to get her stand up from the ground but she was sitting there, not letting him touch her. She just wanted to sit on the rumput where Tyler left her and cry her lungs out. That was the only thing that could ease her pain.

“Please Caroline, don’t be like this.” Klaus said, holding her hand. “Come on, love. Stand up. Let’s go to our room.”

She gave him the bitch-stare that meant she was so fucking pissed and didn’t want to hear another word coming out of his mouth. But that didn’t scare him. Instead, he took her in his arms and put her on his shoulder, not listening to her complains and screams telling him to let her go.

When they came to their room, he gently put her on the tempat tidur and she looked up at him, tears still on her face. He lay right beside her. They were side oleh side, looking at each other in the eye when she broke the weird silence between them and berkata “I am a bitch, am I not?”

Klaus smiled at her statement. “Don’t be ridicilous. Just because anda don’t cinta him anymore doesn’t make anda a menggerutu, jalang Caroline.”

“I still cinta him.” She berkata coldly.

“Keep lying to yourself.”

“I am not lying.”

Klaus snorted. “Then why the are anda here with me?”

“Because anda dragged me here!” she yelled at him.

“You had the chance not to come. I only had the tickets but I didn’t force anda to come. Wait—seriously… why the hell did anda come with me in the first place?” he asked.

“Because I planned to make this trip a hell for you. I was going to take take revenge—”

Before she could finish her sentence, he did it for her. “But anda found yourself dancing and ciuman with me.”

She sighed. It wasn’t a lie. He kissed her and she kissed him back. He wanted to dance with her and she danced with him. She wanted to be him as much as he wanted to be with her. So they were even. She could never say that these were all his fault. She had her chances to leave, to take revenge, to stab him from the back… Yet, she didn’t use those chances.
“Yes.” Was the only thing she berkata and then she turned her head to the other side, facing the window, watching the stars when his hand reached her cheek and made her face him.
“I cinta anda Caroline.” He berkata sincerely. Honesty was so thick in his voice that she couldn’t miss it. And deep down, she knew that he loved her.

“Please don’t say things like that. I don’t wanna hear them.” She said, a few tears falling down from her cheeks to his hands. He wiped them away with his thumb and kissed her cheek. That’s when she found herself ciuman his cheek back and he started ciuman her more. He kissed her jawbone, slowly sliding his lips down to her neck. It was getting hot and she couldn’t resist his charm, his kisses, his scent… She had only two options; she was either going to stop him and get the hell out of that room, that city atau she was going to stay there let him ciuman her and what it was going to bring.
Her brain was shut down when his lips found her ear, licking them a little. At that moment she knew even if she wanted to leave, her body was not going to obey her. Her body was aching for him, she was full of lust and he was aware of that. He could smell her feelings in the air because they were so thick, so crystal-clear. And she wasn’t the only one. He also was full of lust. He wanted her, so badly, for a long time.
His hands were quick to open the zipper of her dress while her hands were unbuttoning his shirt. He pulled the dress out of her body and threw it to the ground. She had a beautiful body, that was true. Her skin was as soft as silk and she smelled so good that it was intoxicating. When they were both naked, they shared a few looks. Neither of them was sure of this. But at that moment they didn’t give a damn about it. It was right atau wrong, it didn’t matter. They wanted to taste each other, feel each other, get to know each other.

Her hands were on his chest, feeling his jantung beating so fast under her little hand. It was a calming feeling. This whole thing felt different for her. It was slowly processing. They were taking their time. She remembered her times with Tyler. They always did it because they needed it. It was always quick, meaningless, senseless… She always thought she loved him but having sex with him meant nothing, never. Maybe that was the reason why she always felt the need to leave him alone in the tempat tidur after doing it. She never felt like staying there with him, hug him atau ciuman him. But with Klaus it felt different.

She threw her arms around his neck and started ciuman him again while his hands found their way through her thigh, making her nervous but excited at the time. They were slow and every pindah they made meant something because they were something different.


Klaus was awake, one hand ghosting over her arm, watching her sleep. He had a smile on his face. He was so happy to be here in this tempat tidur with the woman he love. But she wasn’t happy at all. Instead, she was regretting what she had done. When she opened her eyes and turned to face him, her eyes were cold.

“Forget this has ever happened. Okay? Just forget it.” She berkata and immediately got out of the bed, picking up her clothes from the ground. She was in a rush because she knew if she stayed more, she would see his unhappy face which she didn’t wanna see at all. Because what happened last night wasn’t a one-night stand. She knew it was something lebih than that and that was why she regretted it. She regretted it because she got scared of being bond to him, loving him. She needed to get out of there, she needed to say goodbye to him, she needed not to see him again, she needed to make up her mind and—

Suddenly someone grabbed her wrist and pressed her naked body against his. “Please Caroline. Don’t ruin this.” He said, his body shaking.

She started crying. She couldn’t hold her tears on her face anymore and started crying on his chest. This was wrong. This was the biggest sin of her entire life but she liked it, enjoyed it. She felt comfortable around him and leaving his side was starting to be very painful. She had to make up her mind, fast. Maybe I should talk to Bonnie and Elena, she thought to herself and then pushed the thought away from his mind. It was impossible. If she told them about her secret relationship with Klaus, they’d freak out, swear at her, shout at her… There was no way she could share something like this with her closest friends.

As if Klaus read her mind, he berkata “Let’s keep as a secret because I know it’s going to be hard for you.”

She looked up at him and smiled. “Thank you.”

“No, I thank you. For still being here oleh my side.” He berkata and kissed her, deep and passionate. And she responded in the same way.


Klaus and Caroline were watching TV, sitting on the tempat tidur with their wine in their hands. They were laughing, talking as if it was the most natural thing on earth. But that was when suddenly her phone rang, so she reached for it. It was Elena calling.

“Hello?” Caroline berkata to the phone, trying to keep her voice calm.

“Get back here. Right. Now.” A very angry voice yelled over the phone to Caroline. It was Damon.

“Gimme Elena.” Caroline said.

“I mencuri her phone. Because if I called anda from my phone, anda wouldn’t open it. I know everything Caroline, so get back here now. Tyler told me everything.” Damon said.

She froze. What was going on? Tyler farewelled her and went back to Mystic Falls. She never thought he’d do something like that. He acted understanding and she was grateful to him for that. But now, she was imagining what way would be the best to kill him. Stab him from his heart? atau rip his throat off? She couldn’t choose.

“I don’t give a fuck about what he told you, I am not coming back Damon. Try to scare me some other time.” She berkata and hung up. Of course Klaus heard everything and now he was pissed too. She knew he had worse Kill-Tyler scenerios going on inside his head.

She was reaching out to th nightstand to put her phone on it when someone broke into the room with a forceful kick, making the door break into pieces.

Klaus stood up so fast that she almost couldn’t see it. Now he was facing Damon who looked so pissed. But Klaus was not scared whatsoever.

“Stop it Damon.” berkata someone behind him. Stefan.

Elena and Bonnie were behind Stefan, watching everything happening in front of them.

“Who do anda think anda are Damon?” hissed Klaus at Damon, wrapping his hand around his neck.

“Klaus!” yelled Caroline and put her hand on his wrist. “Stop it. Please.”

He looked at her for a few detik and let Damon go when Damon suddenly jumped on him. He had no stake in his hand and they were both going to fight with bare hands. The winner was obvious, yet none of them cared. They wanted to fight till one of them were dead so nothing mattered. Their hatred filled the room, creating a big tension that everyone in the room felt so low.

When Bonnie gave both of them an aneurysm, they cried in pain and laid on the floor, holding their head in their hands to stop the pain.

“We are not here to fight Damon. We are here to talk this out.” Bonnie said.

Klaus and Damon both stood up, still looking at each other with anger but doing nothing.

Elena stepped in. "Caroline, before I jump to conclusions please tell me whats going on."

"I—I dont..." Caroline was speechless. What could she possibly say that could comfort them, that could wipe away the disaproving looks on there faces?

"How dare all of anda just barge in here like this ? One lebih scene like that from anda Damon and I'll ripe your jantung out and feed it to my mutts." Klaus berkata as he walked beside Caroline.

Damon responded with a devilish snare. He wasn't in the mood for anything right now. All he wanted to do was kill, kill and kill.

Caroline knew she had to say something ... anything. But what was she supposed to do say "Yeah guys we're in cinta so deal with it" ? No. She had to deny it. She had to make up an excuse. oleh doing this though she knew that she would lose Klaus. Damon wouldn't leave him alone without a fight and that would mean that Damon would die. And she would lose that loving, warm look Klaus always gives her. His smooth, warm lips. His gentle touch. Caroline couldn't risk losing him. She loved him.

“I lo—” before Caroline could finish her sentence, someone appeared behind Bonnie. Tyler came into the room and then stood beside Stefan. Okay, that’s it. She thought to herself, she was pretty pissed. They had no right to interfere her life like this. They were her bestfriends, it was true, but they couldn’t bring Tyler—the one who informed their relationship on to them—together. She was annoyed oleh their behaviour and now she was going to make it obvious.

“I cinta him, deal with it. I am sick and tired of anda always being oleh Tyler’s side.” She shouted at them and continued. “None of anda remember what Damon was like in the past. He used me, compelled me, had sex with me and when he was done with me, he was going to kill me but then Stefan saved me. Damon tried to kill Bonnie, Elena, and almost everyone in this town. But then, in time, he became a good person and anda all forgot what he did in the past.”

Caroline took a step closer to Damon and talked directly to him. “Now anda are going to do the same thing to Niklaus. Do anda hear me? anda are going to forget what he has done and help him open a new page in his life, with me.”

Damon clenched his fists, thinking of killing both of them right there. What the hell was she mumbling? Was she out of her mind?

Damon held her shoulders and shaked her, as if it was going to make her realise her mistake.
“Did he compel anda atau something?!” he shouted at her.

“I am not you, Damon.” Klaus berkata and pushed him hard enough to make him fly to the other dinding in the room. “And keep your hands off my girl.”

“This is enough!” Elena screamed with all her might to stop a big fight. “I understand her.” She berkata and slowly got closer to Klaus. “Do anda promise anda will be better in the future?”

Klaus looked at her gave the simplest answer. “No.”

“You are not making things easy.” berkata Bonnie, joining the free conversation where, in the meanwhile, Tyler , Damon and Stefan were talking to Caroline. Damon was trying to get her back to herself and Stefan was trying to calm her because she kept screaming and swearing to Tyler. She hated him. What he did was low and because of him, now everyone—including her mother—knew about Caroline’s affair with Klaus. Tyler was so angry that he accidently told her the fact that he told the Sheriff about this. Her mom was angry about the fact that she was a vampire and now this… A big trouble was waiting for her when she went back home.

That’s when an idea hit her. What if she didn’t go home? What if, just like Klaus wanted from her before, they left the town together?

“Stop! All of you!” she screamed to get everyones attention, and she succeeded. She walked to Klaus’ side and pulled him closer to her. “We are leaving town anyway!”

Everybody looked at her as if she went nuts—even Klaus.

“Yes, we are leaving town together. Before coming here, we had already decided to leave town together. This is just a trip, yes, but we are not going back to Mystic Falls. And if anda people are my true friends, you’ll support me and be oleh my side forever.”,

Everyone went silent and tried to understand if they heard her right atau not. And like that, everyone got out of the room, closed the door behind them, leaving Klaus and Caroline alone.


3 months later…

“Oh hi Elena! Yeah… I know… I missed anda too… Is Bonnie there?.. I’ll come on Wednesday… Uh huh… Okay bye.” She berkata and hung up. Klaus and Caroline were in their car, going back to their halaman awal in london from their weekend trip to Paris.

“I am going to see Elena and Bonnie this Wednesday. They wanna make a girl’s night out. I might stay with them for a couple days.” She berkata and smiled at Klaus as he smiled back at her.

“Okay darlin’, then I will have a drink with Kol and Elijah.” He reached out and took her hand in his, and kissed it. “I cinta you.”

She didn’t hesisate to give her answer “I cinta anda too.”

Everything was finally settling down. At first they had lots of fights with the people around them because everyone thought this was wrong, but they handled all of them. Elena, Bonnie and Stefan finally gave up and starting supporting their relationship and they tried to get along with Klaus. Damon was still pissed but he was talking to Caroline so it was a good sign for them. On the other hand, Sheriff didn’t talk to her for two weeks but then she gave up too. Eventually, everyone accepted the fact that they had a relationship and moved on. Though, one thing made them lebih comfortable about this and that was the fact that Klaus promised them to leave people alone. He promised not to chase Elena anymore, and he promised not to make any hybrids. And everyone promised to try to trust him after all.

And just like that, they left the town together, with on good terms with people. They were hopeful, they were happy, they had their family and friends on their side, they were rich and they were in love. What else did they need for more?


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