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posted by theladymally
Henry to Katherine Parr, 1544

Most dearly and most entirely beloved wife, we recommend us heartily unto you, and thank anda as well for your letter written unto us oleh your servant Robert Warner as for the venison which anda sent then oleh him, and now last oleh Fowler, servant unto our dearest son the prince, for the which we give unto anda our hearty thanks, and would have written unto anda again a letter with our own hand, but that we be so occupied, and have so much to do in foreseeing and caring for everything ourself, as we have almost no manner rest atau leisure to do any other thing.

The cause why...
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posted by miminroo
The world wide king is here!!! Henry the 8ths 6 wives!!! In order (look down)

Cathrine of Aragon
Anne Boylen
Anne of cleeves
Kathrine Howard
Kathrine Parr

Here is a song to help you...
Divorced Beheaded and Died
Divorced Beheaded and suvived!!!

Cathrine of Aragon- Henrys first and longest to survie!!! Had Mary 1st!

Anne Boylen- The pritteyst and before she got beheaded she wanted a sword to chop her head off not a horrible blunt axe!!!! Had Elizabeth 1st!

*JANE SEYMORE*!- Henrys fav wife because she came him a son - Edward 6th but she died after giveing birth:( on the 24th October (my Bday!!!)

Anne of Cleeves- Henry fell for her painting of her and when she arravied henry berkata she looked like a horse!!! so Henry had a divorie right away!!!!

Kathrine Howard- Beheaded. She wanted a practise run the night before she got beheaded!And Anne Boylens cousin!

Kathrine parr- The last. SUVIVED!!!!!

oleh Miminroo